Summer memories

Got some of Olivers pictures from this summer at the country house. Make me dream of sun, drinks and hanging with friends.

This last light. Paint everything in dreams. I wish the world could always just be this pink, summer light and everything would look way prettier.

Laura and Seb, they just celebrated their one year wedding anniversary. Feels like yesterday Laura moved to London to be with Seb. Very happy she did.

 Kix and Robin were having a moment. Stan decided he was part of that moment. Moments are better shared with friends anyway.

‘Hello in there little Spike’ Kix’s nightmare of everyone touching her belly when drunk came through. She looks happy though.

Love these two. Have a very lovely crew here in London. When you move you think you will never be able to meet as amazing friends as the ones you leave behind but after a while you realise that you now have even more awesome friends. Win.

 Group photo!

 Absolutely love my country house. Especially when it looks like this.

 Drunken Ella floating head.

 Yes they did it! Another one of the pyramids. I wisely stayed out of it and had another drink instead.

Captain Sweden walking in the forest. Not fair he is feeling as perky as he is, I was dying by this point.

 Going up for a swim. I had forgot how amazing the weather was. I want to go back. Now.

 Aaaaw, Kix, Robin and Alexander in Kix’s stomach.

Late night walks in the summer light. You forget how amazing it is (and what a sense of style I have when at the country house. It always surprises me)

Me and my kixilura. One of few sober pics of the 2 of us.It takes one of us to be pregnant for that to happen.

Me and my Oliver. ❤

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