The last session

Guess what!? You are going to get some more home pictures. Woop woop. Oliver left for the states last night so it was crazy packing and this morning it was just Woolla and me. Very lonely. And sleepy. W was almost unwakeable this morning.

Now he is sent off for the day and im heading to my last therapy session tonight. Crazy. Ive been going for 5 months now and its been very helpful. Writing a letter to M today on how this have felt and its happy and sad at the same time. Happy because how much i have learned and sad because its kind of scary out there on my own and ill miss my Wednesday sessions.

Made my packing ninja some food last night. The beautiful marriage that is sausage and fennel pasta.

I also bought a Christmas rose. I took the biggest one i could find. It was pretty big. W was sniffing it and deciding whether or not to munch away.

He decided against it (good for him) and decided to hope for sausage while giving us baleful eyes from the sofa. Little monster dog.

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