Monday. So far not massively impressed. The last couple of weeks have been really good however so I can handle a bad day. Kind of. At the moment I stare out into nothing and look very grumpy. Good thing I only have one meeting today.

Fiona did healing on me yesterday and said my head didnt feel too busy. I think that would have been very different some months ago.

We were in Rye over the weekend. Oliver came and picked me up 7 am Saturday morning. If that was too early? Yes! Especially since the above was me the evening before having my dinner at midnight trying to pad out all the beer in my belly.

Maybe the early morning and slight hangover is why Miranda’s portraits of me was a collection of witches? She was blind drawing but still? I think I need some sleep getting my face back to normal, less witchy, state.

Hehe, this beats most of Olivers tries. Didnt think that was possible. Good thing im not too vain.

Woolly loves going down to Rye and minus trying to eat the cat was on best behavior. Pretty happy little monster.

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