A squash dinner – things dreams are made of

Oliver was sweet and made me dinner last night. I asked him to do something of what we have at home. He did. Some squash. A whole lot of squash to be honest. And only squash.

It was nice but after a while I became a teeny bit tired of squash. 

I finished my plate though, Ol didnt even finish his and tried to give it to the dog. The dog was sorely disappointed hoping for some juicy meat.

Squash man. The downside of Abel and Cole is that sometimes you need to clean out the fridge and then you end up with dinner like this. Or the dreaded leek dinner. Still cant really stand leek.

For dessert I had Rye sweets. I wish I only had 4 but this is only to show the delicious selection. I had way more than this until my mouth was blue.

I found a vintage mirror when I was in Rye. Lovely. Makes me want to be dressed only in white, play the piano and never work a day in my life.

Almost my life minus the white, the piano and the non working.

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