I got life

In Stoke yesterday for some meetings and since we were done early came home already 4.30. Win. Ol and me went for dinner at the Japanese and then home for a movie.

Woolly fell instantly asleep with his toy still in his month. All of a sudden while playing it was like he realised how tired he was and just fell down into a heap. I feel like that sometimes in dark November, wish I could just fall asleep whenever i wanted.

To the movie last night. We were supposed to watch some sci fi but when it didn’t work I got to choose and decided on… HAIR! had forgot how much I love that movie and re watching it 20 years later i realise its all one long LSD trip. Felt a bit like being at Burning Man and I felt a compelling need to become a hippie.

Oliver and me talked about different countries take on the 60-70’s rebellions. How UK have the punk, Sweden the progg and US the hippies (Sweden got short changed on that one – all brown sweaters and communal living eating lentils). Even though I love punk I dream of being a dreamy hippie dancing in some park somewhere.Today all my thoughts go to how to make that happening.

I also realised were my love for table dancing come from. Watching this scene I had an epiphany of ‘this is what I dream of when im jumping around on a table’.

I got life got dammit Galt MacDermot – I Got Life

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