Thanksgiving dinner

Met up with Unibet crew last night for an impromptu Thanksgiving dinner. It was more of a standard beer piss up but we didn’t go too late. We did however had some great chat and a proper gossip. Love those weirdos.

The perfect take on a thanksgiving dinner. Turkey, hot toddy and Cider. Anna brought the turkey. I ate burger though, not willing to sacrifice my cow meat for some dry turkey. In asking the gang what they were thankful for this year they said the turkey. Have to love Londoners, not even giving thanks is met with anything but a sarcastic joke.

Posing with the turkey. I think Jack ended up taking it home. Early christmas win

During our chats we decided that we are booking a NYC trip in May. Our best idea so far. Every time we meet up new crazy ideas gets birthed but the NYC one is a truly great one. I might die but it will be worth it.

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