Happy New Year!


Its New years Eve today and im trying to make the time go in the office before I get to leave, dress up and get ready for some all night dancing.

People always say how they hate NYE, how it never ends up being as good as you want and you end up chasing parties all night hoping to catch the dream.

I just dont agree. Maybe it because Im a holiday junkie but I just love a party and on NYE EVERYONE is joining the party. People you meet are happy and you get hugs from strangers shouting ‘Happy New Year’. What is not to love? Even the ones that didnt end up the way I wanted have been good because im with my friends, dancing and getting hugs and everywhere look people are as silly smiley as i am. Once a year you can be as in love with the party as I am and no one will say a word.

Getting in the spirit by hiding behind a star and listening to party songs.

Yesterday Ol and me had date night and watched Interstellar. Amazing film. This review says its perfectly: Interstellar is the work of someone who dreams with their eyes wide open. There is no one working in cinema today who has as much faith in the overwhelming power of the image as Nolan and who trusts their audience to be similarly awestruck. 

We tried to convince Eddie to stop being a spoil sport and come and celebrate NYE with us. He declined. Boooo

Got our customary NYE gift from Eat Tokyo. The upside of being a regular. Previous years we’ve been given their (kind of ugly) soy bowls and amazing chop sticks. Very excited to see what this years gift are.

Amazing wooden spoons. The gifts keeps getting better and Oliver had to shine some light with his phone for this photo since he felt it was so good.

Even more snow

Just when you though ‘no more pictures of snow’ I give you more pictures of snow. (when you only get to see it once a year its a big deal ok)

Done! That was my Christmas. Now on to NYE. Tonight having a crab based dinner at home and then on to party. Cant wait for some sparkles and party.


Did you think that was all the pictures from Christmas. Think again. Ive got at least 2 more posts of snow and relatives. That is what Christmas at the country house is all about. Pretty snow and pretty relatives.

This one is all about the snow.

 Relatives sporting some awesome outfits.

 The 2 little trolls walking the forest.

Better stay inside when its very cold outside

More snow, more sun and it started to get really cold. The kind of cold that nips your cheeks and make you squint toward the sun. But its worth it since its pretty as a picture.

We went out for at least one walk every day.Otherwise you just sit inside and eat and turn into a couch potato. There is enough time for that even if you to an hour walk a day.

Brother and me dressed up in our warmest (and ugliest clothes) and braved the cold.

We traced mini steps from some animal

and i took photos with hands hurting from the cold. Everything for the art.

Sister and Micke game down with the kids and we had another Christmas with even more gifts.

Nisse got loads of things

and Agnes was so excited she wanted to help everyone open their gifts.

Love grandpa extra much when he comes bearing gifts.

I gave my little god daughter a Frozen dress. She loved it and ran around like a little princess all evening.

Nisse got the jersey from his favourite team. Sometimes its good having your aunt in London being able to buy you the cool stuff.

Playing with uncle.

Its better when you can go straight on the dessert. Even if you dont like salmon a plate full of chocolate and ice cream makes everyone happy.

Grandpa falling asleep, its hard going taking care of two energetic kids all day.

It was Christmas Evening

On Christmas morning we woke up to a light dusting of the ground. Almost snow, I thought to myself and did a little jig (yes, there was lot of dancing this Christmas) and happily opened my ‘strumpa’.

(For all of the marzipan pig fans out there, it was in there this year too but I managed to eat the whole pig so there wont be no carcass to micro wave/put down someones pants/leave in the fridge for a year.)

Pretty huh?!

The ground was covered in what looked like cookie frosting and I kind of wanted to lick the whole thing. (kind of, im no crazy person)

Moody and kind of ugly. Just like Oliver loves it. When seeing this picture he instantly went ‘amazing’. Surprising.

Took a long walk in the forest and let my poor fingers get cold to document all of the pretty for my boyfriend. Im on a campaign to get him to celebrate Christmas with me (aint working very well) and im hoping to convince him by showing him how pretty it is.

Look babe, this is really depressing if you want it to.

Since Anders girls were celebrating by themselves this year (traitors) me and Kattis dressed the tree. Harder than it looks when its a big ass tree.

Anna lighting the candles. Love being up here since it only really happens at Christmas. Instant joy.

Kattis might be coming to London in spring and she is doing 3 months in Chamonix. Jealous? Yes!

Not so many kids this year, that meant more beers drunk. Its time we reclaim Christmas.

In the wait for Santa. And yes, we are eating Paradis and not Aladdin. We are rebels like that.

Cant wait to get my little cousin to London. Remember being 22 and thinking ‘wish Kattis would be old enough to go out when im still young enough to do it but that will never happen. When she is 20 im 33’. Oh.

Santa came this year too. For a second there he was about to skip our house but we convinced him we had been good enough.

Even the grown ups get all excited. Look at Mac, he looks like a happy little school kid.

Anna wasnt too happy about being stuck at the country house. The trials and tribulations of being 15.

Mickan played beautifully and looked like a little Christmas angel.

This is love! Having this many relatives to care about and love. To get cheesy for a second – I am truly blessed.

And yes, Santa lifted his mask and took a drink. I can tell where my roots are, somethings in the blood man.

Gifting time. My Christmas book to Anders were highly appreciated and I got a standing ovation. Thats probably the only time on my life that will happen to me.

The man himself left when everyone had left. The man, the myth, the legend. Big A.

When we left the house it had started snowing and you could see happy eyes all over. I felt truly happy, you know when it feels like your heart will burst.

Thomas Stenström – Blixtar och dunder

Dancing with the people that matters

After that intense weekend in the big city it was pretty awesome to come down to the calm of the country house. If you can call Christmas at the country house calm…

Mum and Dad chillin. This is the standard sight in our house. The TV is always on. And the radio. And my mum tries to talk about some long dead writer at the same time. Thats my reason for outstanding multi tasking.

Made saffron buns. They were pretty damn yummy if I get to say it myself.

Mum cooking. That face and the knife in her hand isnt especially reassuring.

Baby bro helping out. Not so baby any longer, past 30 (no, dont make me think about what that makes me)

We dressed the tree and like always it looks like Rave Santa has puked all over it and created this monstrosity.

We were happy with our creation but dad thought we were crazy…

‘More stuff’ he said and kept going at the tree putting every little broken thing on there. He loves his kitsch my dad.

Im not sure other almost 70 year old men are that into glitter and glam but I love him for it. I know where I have my love for everything extravaganza from.

Getting the house ready for the yearly glogg. My dad spiking it with extra linie aquvavit as always. Traditions.

We had a bit of a dance-a-thon on the kitchen and kicked the ass out of all of those Christmas songs. I felt like a fairy dancing around.

Baby bro came in to join in for bits. Mum thought i was crazy. Standard.

Dad and me putting the final touched to the glogg. Ready for take off.

Jossan and baby Alma. Alma made a great first appearance at the glogg and looked hungrily at the spiced drink. A true Bredberg.

She needed a bit of reassurance from all of those crazy people around her.

Henke held a baby for ‘like the first time ever’. I remember holding him when he was a baby. (gaaaah)

Kite – Dance Again

Those lovely days in Sthlm

Telling the story of my Christmas there will be a lot of pictures, people, memories and laughs. Because that is how it is when you return home and meet everyone you love.

On Friday I landed and went straight to the AW that Maggan and Fredde had put together. Love it when other people do the job for you – everyone was there. We started at Diplomat, went on to Ciao Ciao for pizza dinner, then Hotellet, Fou, Rose and me ending at an after party with all of my old colleagues drinking champagne until 7 in the morning. That made sense at the moment. Or, maybe not. Magnus and me looked around and talked about how surreal it all felt, like no time had gone since I left Sthlm.

And my bag was with me the entire way, Im grown up like that making sure im not losing my bag.

Fredde and Karin at Fou.

Me and the girls. Sanna and me kept looking at each other saying ‘we have to maxa when Im only here for a weekend’. And we did. Maxade all the way through the roof.

Maggie looked too pretty in the previous picture (as she always do that Maggie) so we had to take another one.

Fredde, Peter and Karin looking serious. Its no game this whole drinking all the night thing.

Karin posing with the hog that just hangs out at the terrace at Fou.

On Saturday I met up with Jules and went with her to her boyfriend Masken for a drink with his friends before I went to meet the girls at Kommendoren.

Filippa had joined us from Canada and we went late again. After dinner and then drinks at Sturehof we ended up at East and then McDonalds.

Sanna made a new friend in the queue with what looked like wee stains on his trousers. He sat next to me at Donken. Being past 30 as well as tired I just couldnt bring myself to care for talking with this new friend and blanked him. He kept saying how he loved cynical, angry people cause he was one himself. He would have married me if he could. Love at McD at 4 in the morning. Win.

Sunday morning (?) and met the girls for a brunch at Sturehof before heading home to Jules for TV in the sofa with her and Masken. Booja for Sundays. I had meatballs, pretty good hang over food.

Jules showed everyone pictures of her new house. Yes, you heard me. House. That is what grown up people do, they buy houses. (sometimes I feel extra much like a kid). She promised me I would get to stay there when im in Sthlm this summer. Love it. It looked gorgeous

Monday and I went to see Indah and her lovely daughter Ida. So nice to see both of them and I was pretty fresh after all. Ida liked me, apparently I have a rubber face.

Then, straight down to the country house for CHRISTMAS!

The New Pornographers – Champions Of Red Wine

The Best Party Ever

Back from the motherland. Had an amazing time at home and am not at all ready to be back at work but I guess that is life.

Since I forgot my camera at home ill give you some picture from The Best Xmas Party Ever instead and tell the story of my week at home tomorrow.

Behold and be amazed.

Glow in the dark multi coloured drinks. Should be standard at any party.

Hell yeah for waitress outfit (and yes, I know what my 40th bday will look like)

This is the kind of Santa you scare kids with. Rave Santa. Yes, I sat in his lap and my only wish was to be him when I get older.

The whole place looked like Alice in Wonderland on speed. No wonder it reminded me of Burning Man and made me think about a future kid room. I wonder if I would be deemed a bad parent if my future kids room look like this?

Even the food (?) made you think you would turn into something weird if you ate it. Gelatin hash blobs?

If you are to play music why not to it in neon pink and a uniform. I would if I could.

This is what a Christmas Party should look like. Love that everyone went for it. I dont think anyone wants to grow old in my company. Like ever. Soul mates.

These are unfortunately not my colleagues (I wish) but the dancers. Set the scene though and im sure my colleagues would happily look like this if they could.

The silent disco room with the robot go go dancers. (I REALLY need those at my 40th bday party.)

It was some kind of weird gift dance going on. Didnt understand much but who needs that when its performed by people in some kind of 80’s trip outfit.

I think that is the dildo that later on was part of the ‘pass the penis’ game at the silent disco. Why not. Happy to see it had been around before people tried to pass it on with their mouths.

It was a full on, full blown party from start to finish. Lasers!! What is not to love?

This elf kept popping up in my nightmares that night. I call him the LSD elf. If i ever go back to BM ill channel him. I have the ears and the space dress.

Every party need a burlesque dancer (note to self)

Yes, you can see me throwing my hands in the air in my ‘I love life and this party’ sign. What can i say, it was an awesome party.

Rave reindeer. He looks so surprised, like ‘what am i doing here’. Poor reindeer.

This guy is just really scary. REALLY scary. Our Santa lifts his mask and take a hut, this guy is way beyond that.

No party worth its name that doesnt end in confetti rain.

In the words of the Mad Hatter in Wonderland:

 – There is a place. Like no place on Earth. A land full of wonder, mystery, and danger! Some say to survive it: You need to be as mad as a hatter.

He picks up his top hat and says:

 – Which luckily I am

What can I say, I maintain that this was the Best Xmas Part Ever and after seeing these pictures you kind of have to agree right. 

A night in winter wonderland

Work drinks at Winter Wonderland last night. Loads of beer and german live band singing. Exactly like an afterski minus the thermo outfit.

The giggly three. These guys are like straight out of an american teenage movie. Awesome!

The beer garden at Winter Wonderland. Very, very german. In the way you either love or hate. I love it…

Im not pretend carrying beer bottles, im merely doing my hands in the air wave.

Dan looking for his selfie stick (best secret santa gift) and posing.

Dan took about 400 photos with his new toy. That went down a storm.

My team of girls plus Dan.

Drank about 6 of those. Feel it today. Well worth it.

Playing with the selfie stick.

Ok team, lets pose and work out how this stuff works.

There you go…

Team hang out. Great crew.

On our way to Wilde Maus XXL. Dimitra hates rides. I held her hand all through it.

The girls were very happy. Like kids. They are 22 after all.

More team pictures. We all survived the ride.

Before going for the gigantic german sausages. That was the end to our night. One of those and we all needed to head home. I fell asleep at 10.