The Best Party Ever

Back from the motherland. Had an amazing time at home and am not at all ready to be back at work but I guess that is life.

Since I forgot my camera at home ill give you some picture from The Best Xmas Party Ever instead and tell the story of my week at home tomorrow.

Behold and be amazed.

Glow in the dark multi coloured drinks. Should be standard at any party.

Hell yeah for waitress outfit (and yes, I know what my 40th bday will look like)

This is the kind of Santa you scare kids with. Rave Santa. Yes, I sat in his lap and my only wish was to be him when I get older.

The whole place looked like Alice in Wonderland on speed. No wonder it reminded me of Burning Man and made me think about a future kid room. I wonder if I would be deemed a bad parent if my future kids room look like this?

Even the food (?) made you think you would turn into something weird if you ate it. Gelatin hash blobs?

If you are to play music why not to it in neon pink and a uniform. I would if I could.

This is what a Christmas Party should look like. Love that everyone went for it. I dont think anyone wants to grow old in my company. Like ever. Soul mates.

These are unfortunately not my colleagues (I wish) but the dancers. Set the scene though and im sure my colleagues would happily look like this if they could.

The silent disco room with the robot go go dancers. (I REALLY need those at my 40th bday party.)

It was some kind of weird gift dance going on. Didnt understand much but who needs that when its performed by people in some kind of 80’s trip outfit.

I think that is the dildo that later on was part of the ‘pass the penis’ game at the silent disco. Why not. Happy to see it had been around before people tried to pass it on with their mouths.

It was a full on, full blown party from start to finish. Lasers!! What is not to love?

This elf kept popping up in my nightmares that night. I call him the LSD elf. If i ever go back to BM ill channel him. I have the ears and the space dress.

Every party need a burlesque dancer (note to self)

Yes, you can see me throwing my hands in the air in my ‘I love life and this party’ sign. What can i say, it was an awesome party.

Rave reindeer. He looks so surprised, like ‘what am i doing here’. Poor reindeer.

This guy is just really scary. REALLY scary. Our Santa lifts his mask and take a hut, this guy is way beyond that.

No party worth its name that doesnt end in confetti rain.

In the words of the Mad Hatter in Wonderland:

 – There is a place. Like no place on Earth. A land full of wonder, mystery, and danger! Some say to survive it: You need to be as mad as a hatter.

He picks up his top hat and says:

 – Which luckily I am

What can I say, I maintain that this was the Best Xmas Part Ever and after seeing these pictures you kind of have to agree right. 

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