It was Christmas Evening

On Christmas morning we woke up to a light dusting of the ground. Almost snow, I thought to myself and did a little jig (yes, there was lot of dancing this Christmas) and happily opened my ‘strumpa’.

(For all of the marzipan pig fans out there, it was in there this year too but I managed to eat the whole pig so there wont be no carcass to micro wave/put down someones pants/leave in the fridge for a year.)

Pretty huh?!

The ground was covered in what looked like cookie frosting and I kind of wanted to lick the whole thing. (kind of, im no crazy person)

Moody and kind of ugly. Just like Oliver loves it. When seeing this picture he instantly went ‘amazing’. Surprising.

Took a long walk in the forest and let my poor fingers get cold to document all of the pretty for my boyfriend. Im on a campaign to get him to celebrate Christmas with me (aint working very well) and im hoping to convince him by showing him how pretty it is.

Look babe, this is really depressing if you want it to.

Since Anders girls were celebrating by themselves this year (traitors) me and Kattis dressed the tree. Harder than it looks when its a big ass tree.

Anna lighting the candles. Love being up here since it only really happens at Christmas. Instant joy.

Kattis might be coming to London in spring and she is doing 3 months in Chamonix. Jealous? Yes!

Not so many kids this year, that meant more beers drunk. Its time we reclaim Christmas.

In the wait for Santa. And yes, we are eating Paradis and not Aladdin. We are rebels like that.

Cant wait to get my little cousin to London. Remember being 22 and thinking ‘wish Kattis would be old enough to go out when im still young enough to do it but that will never happen. When she is 20 im 33’. Oh.

Santa came this year too. For a second there he was about to skip our house but we convinced him we had been good enough.

Even the grown ups get all excited. Look at Mac, he looks like a happy little school kid.

Anna wasnt too happy about being stuck at the country house. The trials and tribulations of being 15.

Mickan played beautifully and looked like a little Christmas angel.

This is love! Having this many relatives to care about and love. To get cheesy for a second – I am truly blessed.

And yes, Santa lifted his mask and took a drink. I can tell where my roots are, somethings in the blood man.

Gifting time. My Christmas book to Anders were highly appreciated and I got a standing ovation. Thats probably the only time on my life that will happen to me.

The man himself left when everyone had left. The man, the myth, the legend. Big A.

When we left the house it had started snowing and you could see happy eyes all over. I felt truly happy, you know when it feels like your heart will burst.

Thomas Stenström – Blixtar och dunder

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