Those lovely days in Sthlm

Telling the story of my Christmas there will be a lot of pictures, people, memories and laughs. Because that is how it is when you return home and meet everyone you love.

On Friday I landed and went straight to the AW that Maggan and Fredde had put together. Love it when other people do the job for you – everyone was there. We started at Diplomat, went on to Ciao Ciao for pizza dinner, then Hotellet, Fou, Rose and me ending at an after party with all of my old colleagues drinking champagne until 7 in the morning. That made sense at the moment. Or, maybe not. Magnus and me looked around and talked about how surreal it all felt, like no time had gone since I left Sthlm.

And my bag was with me the entire way, Im grown up like that making sure im not losing my bag.

Fredde and Karin at Fou.

Me and the girls. Sanna and me kept looking at each other saying ‘we have to maxa when Im only here for a weekend’. And we did. Maxade all the way through the roof.

Maggie looked too pretty in the previous picture (as she always do that Maggie) so we had to take another one.

Fredde, Peter and Karin looking serious. Its no game this whole drinking all the night thing.

Karin posing with the hog that just hangs out at the terrace at Fou.

On Saturday I met up with Jules and went with her to her boyfriend Masken for a drink with his friends before I went to meet the girls at Kommendoren.

Filippa had joined us from Canada and we went late again. After dinner and then drinks at Sturehof we ended up at East and then McDonalds.

Sanna made a new friend in the queue with what looked like wee stains on his trousers. He sat next to me at Donken. Being past 30 as well as tired I just couldnt bring myself to care for talking with this new friend and blanked him. He kept saying how he loved cynical, angry people cause he was one himself. He would have married me if he could. Love at McD at 4 in the morning. Win.

Sunday morning (?) and met the girls for a brunch at Sturehof before heading home to Jules for TV in the sofa with her and Masken. Booja for Sundays. I had meatballs, pretty good hang over food.

Jules showed everyone pictures of her new house. Yes, you heard me. House. That is what grown up people do, they buy houses. (sometimes I feel extra much like a kid). She promised me I would get to stay there when im in Sthlm this summer. Love it. It looked gorgeous

Monday and I went to see Indah and her lovely daughter Ida. So nice to see both of them and I was pretty fresh after all. Ida liked me, apparently I have a rubber face.

Then, straight down to the country house for CHRISTMAS!

The New Pornographers – Champions Of Red Wine

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