Happy New Year!


Its New years Eve today and im trying to make the time go in the office before I get to leave, dress up and get ready for some all night dancing.

People always say how they hate NYE, how it never ends up being as good as you want and you end up chasing parties all night hoping to catch the dream.

I just dont agree. Maybe it because Im a holiday junkie but I just love a party and on NYE EVERYONE is joining the party. People you meet are happy and you get hugs from strangers shouting ‘Happy New Year’. What is not to love? Even the ones that didnt end up the way I wanted have been good because im with my friends, dancing and getting hugs and everywhere look people are as silly smiley as i am. Once a year you can be as in love with the party as I am and no one will say a word.

Getting in the spirit by hiding behind a star and listening to party songs.

Yesterday Ol and me had date night and watched Interstellar. Amazing film. This review says its perfectly: Interstellar is the work of someone who dreams with their eyes wide open. There is no one working in cinema today who has as much faith in the overwhelming power of the image as Nolan and who trusts their audience to be similarly awestruck. 

We tried to convince Eddie to stop being a spoil sport and come and celebrate NYE with us. He declined. Boooo

Got our customary NYE gift from Eat Tokyo. The upside of being a regular. Previous years we’ve been given their (kind of ugly) soy bowls and amazing chop sticks. Very excited to see what this years gift are.

Amazing wooden spoons. The gifts keeps getting better and Oliver had to shine some light with his phone for this photo since he felt it was so good.

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