Eyes Like The Ocean

Oliver sent over some picture’s that didnt make his Picture of Day project. Since my blog normally features shit mobile phone pictures they ended up here. And makes my blog look amazing. The difference in quality control.

Disco ball from Candice’s bday dinner. This is the calm before Ben butted his head into a rack of glasses and we realised we had to leave.

Artsy forest during our Hampstead Heath walk.

Some more artsy black and white forest. You can trust my boyfriend to always supply these kind of pictures.

The dachshund brigade. These little guys walk around the Heath most of the time with a guy running a dachsie hotel. They are lovely when they come on mass (even if I hang with the one black sheep of the group – the schnauzer that always hangs with these sausages)

Me and Woolla after a late night out. He must love the smell of booze. He is in a ‘i love you mummy’ faze and i find him looking at me with soulful eyes most of the time.

In (vampire) party mood. I think im dancing. And I am very, very white. Like a little ghost.

Roxy and Jose. This is what happens when you have been playing in the mud all day.

Roxy chillin when we are all eating food. She is bit better positioned for food stealing than my dog. Thats because she is a little ewok princess.

Blixtar och Dunder

Drinking Ruperts russian drugs and staying at home in the evenings im hoping this cold sore amazingness will be long gone before the weekend. We have another social one ahead of us, dinner on Friday and drinks on Saturday. Cant complain, I get to dress up in pretty clothes and dance.

We have sun here in London and I saw some flowers poking their heads up the other day. We are definitely heading toward spring. Im planning Burning Man again and are getting myself all excited about desert sun, sand in my clothes, Mad Max outfits and getting my mind blown.

Kite – Cannonballs

On that note, here is a drawing of Oliver in my headdress from last year. Bearded Jesus gone indian.

Like music to my ears

Yesterday me, Oliver and Miranda went to Bush Hall to see a guy their old nanny (or potentially dads girlfriend. Hard to know. Edit – she is way too smart to ever go there.) manages. His name is Thomas Oliver and he plays that weird laying down guitar the Weissenborn.

Being Kiwi there was a lot of New Zealand people there and it felt a but like walking in on someones private party.

Ol and me took a pink coloured selfie.Since i was breaking out in massive sweats during most of the performance i left early and missed all the hang out after the gig. To be honest, i had a pretty good time on the sofa.

He did a great job and I love those guitars. When we were on the Midnight Run the artist TJ played it as well (and yeah, he was there last night. Ol saw him and wanted to go up and say hi but i pretended not to recognize him as to not have to talk to almost strangers. I have not recovered my social gusto yet)

Thomas Oliver – Jurassic Park Theme

I See The Sky

Maggie called and told me she’d read an article describing me perfectly. Apparently Im an outgoing introvert. Who knew. Must admit this is pretty spot on.

4. We have times when we’re weird with our phones. 

Some days we can talk for hours, but sometimes we’re not so good at replying and talking on the phone. Don’t take it personally –  we screen our phone calls, even from our closest friends. Outgoing introverts sometimes hate the phone because it’s all, like, intrusive and tears our minds away from whatever we’re deeply focusing on (and we are always deeply focusing on something). Our mind doesn’t change direction easily. Listening to one thing and seeing something else is a lot of sensory input piled on top of everything that’s already going on in our heads.

How many time have I been questioned about my weird phone habits? And the whole ‘its all intrusive and shit’ is exactly what happens paired with the feeling that you cant see the person and read their signals. Awkward.

Anyway, this weekend was exactly a year ago we got Woolla. Little monster angel.

He was all tired and cozy on the sofa. Like me. We are well suited for each other W and me.

Im sporting my second mouth cold sore. Normally they hit my nose but not this time around. Fun. I had too much fun this weekend. Depleted my social levels as well as my immune system. Weakling.

So I stayed on the sofa watching True Blood with my dog and tried to fill up my energy levels again by doing nothing so that next weekend I can go back to the circle of life for my kind.

4. When you do choose to grace a party with your presence, you are the life of it. You’re dancing on the table and doing body shots until 3 a.m.

5. … You then retreat into three days of complete solitude to recover.

First Time Dreaming

Monday. I know its January and and pretty grey out but i feel good today. Had a very nice weekend hanging with my friends and life is not too bad at the moment.

Friday went up to Stoke Newington for dinner celebrating Candice tuning even more fabulous. We ate tapas, drank beer and danced. They way its done.

Tommy came out for a couple of ones with us after dinner. It was Elins bday so after they’d had their night in Tommy snuck out for a cheeky one. Him and Ben bromancing just like old times.

Amazing looking Candice channeling some old school 70’s glamour and her band of girls.

On Saturday we went up to the Heath for a walk when London’s at its best. Sun and warmth in the middle of January. Hard for Swedes to get their heads around.

After a couple of hours in the pub we decided to go home to Tomlins for dinner and drinks. First the little monkeys needed to get the mud washed off them.

Delicious Espresso martini.

We stayed until 2 in the morning drinking just the perfect amount of gin (yes, that might be too much for some people) before taking our little hound and head home.

On Sunday I met the Unibet crew at the pub. All of us not drinking made us retort to some weird shit like magic tricks. Since there was n instructions we didn’t even manage that.

Tommy got very offended that no one really liked the Sunday roast. Here is trying to win over Smacks crackling. It was a losing battle.

After this weekend of booze i got in the office to be greated by a luke warm Fosters. Apparently its Australia Day today and work thinks we need beer at 9 in the morning.

Money, money, money

I was thinking about the concept of having more money. As in the belief that ‘if I only had more money I would be happy’ and the fact that I dont believe in that. For instance, I asked myself what i would change in my life if I had more money and the answer is nothing. None of the things i might want to change has to do with money.

I would even live in the same flat. I love my flat. Ok, I would buy something of my own eventually but not yet. I would travel the same amount I do, buy more clothes but thats just bad habit, eat at the same places, hang with the same people. You get it. The only thing is that it would buy me the luxury of quitting my job to have a think about what i want to do. But, Im sure I can figure that out any way.

Not really sure what i want to say with this other than that in the face of the things i struggle with money just isnt part of it. Also that there is very little in my life I actually want to change, I just need to figure out a way of dealing with my brain.

On another note, here are the next set of olivers pictures. Love the doggie one.

Poppy’s little hidden thai gem

Ive been working from home for 2 days. January blues. My view have mostly been as per below.

Yesterday Ol and me left the house and ventured 15 min down the road to a new neighborhood restaurant, Poppy’s, that opened up 2 weeks ago.

Its a little Thai place looking like an old English tea room. An excellent combination.

We drank pretty tea (this is a blossoming flower rather than a mushy brain as it looks like in my picture)

as well as photographed the pretty tea (we are such children of our generation. Ol photographing everything because well, its his job and me because I have a blog no one reads)

While waiting for the food we saw 2 little boys practicing kissing at the table next to us. They would put their mouths together and then pull away with a giggle. Very sweet.

The food was really good and there is something to be said for drinking tea from little English cups with your curry. Well worth a visit if you are in the area.

Boys on film

Found some absolute treasures when I went over to Oliver’s dad on Sunday from Oliver’s past as a model.

So young! And such an English gentleman. They should have gone for the 19th century look.

Aaaw, loving the little indie punk in rolling stones t-shirt. I would had been head over heels at 18 for that side parted hair.

Honestly, I wouldnt have said no to this either. Except for the fact that he would have been 17 when i was 20. That is just weird.

So good! A little gay sailor is never wrong.

This picture makes me laugh so hard. One for you dad.

Cards against humanity

Monday. Again. Every 7 Days. Crazy that.

My weekend was perfect. On Friday home with Ol and Miranda watching Gone girl and on Saturday yoga in the morning, walk on the Heath, pub lunch and dinner at SeLa’s. Sunday was miraculously hang over free and we met little puppy Mischki in the park and then  reading on the sofa before dinner at Ols dads place.

I have some pretty spectacular pictures from Saturday.

Doggie walk on the Heath. A lot of dogs, a lot of pictures being taken.

Coming home to SeLa in the evening we were treated to slow cooked chilli and for dessert a massive cheese tray.

Eating and talking.

After dinner we played the awesome game ‘Cards against humanity’. You get a set of cards with words on and then one person reads out a statement with a blank and you get to choose what word or sentence to fill in the blank with. The person who read the question the chooses the winner. There was some spectacular sentences being created…

How is this for a winning card?! I think the question was something like ‘this is how I want to die……’

This is me playing angry.

Robin was drunk. Fallen of a cliff and turned into Steve Buscemi drunk. He couldnt read or understand what he was reading. Hence Seb trying to crawl through hos own fingers and disappear.

Laura aced being american and actually understanding more than half the cultural references

I drank gin and tonics and had a great time. Ol shouted ‘shame’ and pointed at me most of the time.

Important life questions ‘what give me uncontrollable gas?’

Chillin with the Zig.

More chillin with the Zig. We had a dog day as you can see. This is what we do nowadays.

<3. Only 6 more weeks to go now. Crazy.

Wool didnt want to miss out on all the excitement (and food) on the table and decided to go lapdog.

At 10.30 Kix told Robin he had enough and took him home. We felt so bad it being so early so braved it to midnight. Didnt see that one coming did you.