Cards against humanity

Monday. Again. Every 7 Days. Crazy that.

My weekend was perfect. On Friday home with Ol and Miranda watching Gone girl and on Saturday yoga in the morning, walk on the Heath, pub lunch and dinner at SeLa’s. Sunday was miraculously hang over free and we met little puppy Mischki in the park and then  reading on the sofa before dinner at Ols dads place.

I have some pretty spectacular pictures from Saturday.

Doggie walk on the Heath. A lot of dogs, a lot of pictures being taken.

Coming home to SeLa in the evening we were treated to slow cooked chilli and for dessert a massive cheese tray.

Eating and talking.

After dinner we played the awesome game ‘Cards against humanity’. You get a set of cards with words on and then one person reads out a statement with a blank and you get to choose what word or sentence to fill in the blank with. The person who read the question the chooses the winner. There was some spectacular sentences being created…

How is this for a winning card?! I think the question was something like ‘this is how I want to die……’

This is me playing angry.

Robin was drunk. Fallen of a cliff and turned into Steve Buscemi drunk. He couldnt read or understand what he was reading. Hence Seb trying to crawl through hos own fingers and disappear.

Laura aced being american and actually understanding more than half the cultural references

I drank gin and tonics and had a great time. Ol shouted ‘shame’ and pointed at me most of the time.

Important life questions ‘what give me uncontrollable gas?’

Chillin with the Zig.

More chillin with the Zig. We had a dog day as you can see. This is what we do nowadays.

<3. Only 6 more weeks to go now. Crazy.

Wool didnt want to miss out on all the excitement (and food) on the table and decided to go lapdog.

At 10.30 Kix told Robin he had enough and took him home. We felt so bad it being so early so braved it to midnight. Didnt see that one coming did you.

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