Money, money, money

I was thinking about the concept of having more money. As in the belief that ‘if I only had more money I would be happy’ and the fact that I dont believe in that. For instance, I asked myself what i would change in my life if I had more money and the answer is nothing. None of the things i might want to change has to do with money.

I would even live in the same flat. I love my flat. Ok, I would buy something of my own eventually but not yet. I would travel the same amount I do, buy more clothes but thats just bad habit, eat at the same places, hang with the same people. You get it. The only thing is that it would buy me the luxury of quitting my job to have a think about what i want to do. But, Im sure I can figure that out any way.

Not really sure what i want to say with this other than that in the face of the things i struggle with money just isnt part of it. Also that there is very little in my life I actually want to change, I just need to figure out a way of dealing with my brain.

On another note, here are the next set of olivers pictures. Love the doggie one.

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