First Time Dreaming

Monday. I know its January and and pretty grey out but i feel good today. Had a very nice weekend hanging with my friends and life is not too bad at the moment.

Friday went up to Stoke Newington for dinner celebrating Candice tuning even more fabulous. We ate tapas, drank beer and danced. They way its done.

Tommy came out for a couple of ones with us after dinner. It was Elins bday so after they’d had their night in Tommy snuck out for a cheeky one. Him and Ben bromancing just like old times.

Amazing looking Candice channeling some old school 70’s glamour and her band of girls.

On Saturday we went up to the Heath for a walk when London’s at its best. Sun and warmth in the middle of January. Hard for Swedes to get their heads around.

After a couple of hours in the pub we decided to go home to Tomlins for dinner and drinks. First the little monkeys needed to get the mud washed off them.

Delicious Espresso martini.

We stayed until 2 in the morning drinking just the perfect amount of gin (yes, that might be too much for some people) before taking our little hound and head home.

On Sunday I met the Unibet crew at the pub. All of us not drinking made us retort to some weird shit like magic tricks. Since there was n instructions we didn’t even manage that.

Tommy got very offended that no one really liked the Sunday roast. Here is trying to win over Smacks crackling. It was a losing battle.

After this weekend of booze i got in the office to be greated by a luke warm Fosters. Apparently its Australia Day today and work thinks we need beer at 9 in the morning.

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