The Midnight Run

Not sure i ever showed you the video from the Midnight Run Ol and me went to last summer but here it is:

The Midnight Run // 16/08/2014 from Inua Ellams on Vimeo.

The Midnight Run was truly amazing and any one wanting to see London, or Berlin, Paris or Madrid for that matter, from a different side should sign up and join one this summer. Inua is a great guide and it was something magical about walking London for so many hours you could barely think straight. Like when you were a kid and being up in the middle of the night made everything exotic and exciting.

This is the new image for the Midnight Run.

Who is that pretty lady 🙂

 If you want to see some more pictures of Olivershave a look here

T – 11 hours

Sweden in 11 hours. Woop woop. Cant wait for some hard bread with cheese, leverpastej, tea, kissing Alma and the forest. I say as Julie Andrews, those are a few of my favourite things.

Julie Andrews – My Favorite Things

These are some of Olivers pictures form last year. I have a feeling that it will look as bleak. Ive been wanting to show Oliver the country house in snow but still havent managed for the soon 4 years we’ve been together.

Two days at the country house by ourselves, two days with the parents and then one day doing the sights and sounds of Nykoping.

The funny looking houses out where my mum and dad lives. I remember when there were nothing here when they moved here. Now its a bit more impressive.

 Oliver love photographing this pile of shit. I think it speaks to his sense of bleak.



Me and my little burn are heading to the doctors today. Ive been bullied into it by the joint force of parents and Oliver. I also emailed the pub hoping for some compensation, they havent come back to me yet. I sounded way more bad ass than i am in that email, that was due to Oliver…

The sun is shining today and tomorrow we are off to the country house and next week ill be sipping cocktails in Barcelona with Maggie. Not too shabby if you are asking me.

 Here are a proper London picture from Olivers PAD project.

and here is an awesome picture of the bets dog in the world. Will miss him when we are away but im sure he will be well looked after by Fiona and Miranda.

Saint Etienne – Tonight

Burn baby, burn

It was a quiet weekend the one past. I was on a sneezeathon on Friday so went home to the sofa and bed early.

On Saturday we went to Richmond with Ols family and in the evening we ate at a new neighborhood Japanese.

Ho-ja. They didnt have any tabke for us but quickly made one out of some skinny, high tables. Good thing we are tall.

The food was cheap (£5 for a main) and really nice even if some of it was a bit weird for our European taste buds. Well worth another visit for that price though.

On Sunday we went to the Heath to celebrate Benjies bday. It poured down but since our doggie needs his walks Ol and me sludged along in the mud when the others were in the pub.

Eventually we could join them and went to a place called Holly Bush for an excellent roast. One of the best once ive had.

Everything was fine and dandy and we drank ciders, ate cake and talked about our dogs. As you do as dog parents.

That could have ended as any other nice Sunday until the dopey waiter spilled tea on me. Very hot tea.

It turned into a proper burn and was properly painful. This is what my arm look like at the moment. Not pretty. Being used to burns after the big leg accident (why is it always tea? Maybe the land of tea is trying to tell me something?) I knew that the best thing is to dress it and hope it doesnt get infected.

Ol wanted me to go to ER but the thought of spending my Sunday night there was too much so we made a makeshift bandage and hoped for the best.

Today painful but im sure it will be fine. If my leg could heal without scars im sure this can.


Friday! You finally came. This week felt eons long. Not that I really have any plans. We are celebrating Benjie on Sunday but other than that nothing. Im brewing a massive snot factory in my sinuses so maybe for the best.

Woolly realising am eating banana bread. He loves that shit but since it got chocolate in he cant have it.

‘hey mummy, mummy. i looove you. Have i told you how much I love you?’

Tonight probably Gotham. Love that series. What is not too love about all the Batman villains before they were bad. Poison Ivy as a kid. If you are a snot factory what better way to spend you Friday?

Happy weekend all. Im sending you off with a pretty awesome song.

CEO – Wonderland

Stumbling wanderer

Long day yesterday. One of those when shit hits the fan and you are in the middle of it trying to work out what happened. No Burning Man tickets and working until 11 cleaning up some mess at work. Met Ol at 11.30 at the turkish restaurant for some well needed dinner and a breather.

Really gutted about BM but Ill do my best for it to work out. I dream of that place. I dream of a lot of places, its just that I cant really figure out where they are. Keep feeling restless but cant pinpoint to where. I sit on the sofa or at my desk trying to figure it out but get nowhere.

Im hoping I will somehow know but what if. What if I need to go out and find the answer myself. 

Imogen Heap – Hide And Seek


It was pancake day yesterday but i didnt take any pics of pancakes so you get one of me chillin with Woolly instead. Thats better anyway.

My stomach is, as always, a nightmare and most of the night was spent on the bed in pain. The Holmses nailed 6 pancakes each, I ended up on 3 and there was a lot of will competing against stomach to even manage that much. Oh well, it was some great pancakes, the savory ones even had beer in them.

But, to more fun things:

  • I booked a ticket to Sweden and my country house next week. Ol and me are going from Wednesday to Monday.  Exactly what i need.
  • In 2 weeks im going to Barcelona with work for 2 days. Yes, tapas!
  • Tonight we are, cross fingers, booking tickets to Burning man. Yes, neon dancing!

Good days ahead. 

Wild Beasts – Wanderlust

50 shades of grey

Day 3 of hang over today. I dream of disappearing and going to my country house. The problem is the dog, who would look after him? But imagine walking in the forest and not have to think about anything. Bliss.

Woolly has adopted one of my gift. The elephant. Who knew that would turn out to be the best gift. W absolutely loves it. If loves means trying to kill and bite. A 50 shades of grey kind of love. Fitting looking at the vision in grey this picture is.

My flowers keep looking more and more amazing. I love them. Not of the Woolly kind but of the ‘they make me happy every time I see them’ kind.

Ol finishing his dinner and Wool guarding underneath for any scraps of goodness. Standard. A normal Monday night in other words. Im pretty happy with that, I want as little excitement as possible when my body is dealing with the last residues of alcohol.

Being 33!

33! Yes, it happened. Today, I feel about 10 years older, I blame that on the beer.

When the clock struck midnight i opened my gift from F coming all the way from Canada. Singing hamster card, summer nail polish and the coolest lens case ever. Great way to mini start your birthday weekend (yes, it was a full weekend of awesome)

Saturday morning I woke and heard Oliver pottering around outside the door. After an hour he came in an gave me the best bday tray…


Semla and a skagen sandwich. Cant get better than that.

Or can it?

Well, it can!! When you get a jacket you have dreamed of…

and a trip to Iceland (the country, not the store even if Ol have painted the store in the left corner. It would have been slightly shit, and hilarious, if it was the shop.)

After a lazy morning it rang on the door and a lovely bouquet got delivered from my parents.

I sniffed my flowers, got dressed, walked to the park with Woolly and then headed down to Brew Dog to meet up my friends.

 2 weeks to go Kix was there with a bag full of swag for my party later. Glasses, glowsticks, sweeties, an elephant (of course, Robins conribution), bunny ears, an shot (egg) clock. Anything a girl could need.

 Spending the afternoon in a craft beer pub I drank my way through most of what the menu had to offer. 10% beer – yes please!

These boys were the first to arrive. Robin not drinking in support of Kix but Seb was my wing man through the night.

 Woolly wasnt too sure about my Elephant. ‘I bite you weird thing’

More people showed up. Tommy and Charlotte from Unibet crew plus Danny and Jon, Kirsten, Tommy and Elin with Anthony and Elias, Andrei, Ben and Candice and Georgia. I was a very lucky girl indeed.

 Oliver had arranged for a beautiful cake to be delivered

 and i was this happy being sung for. This is the true birthday face of a happy girl.

 We were there for 9 hours hanging, drinking, skipping dinner and dancing. As any birthday of mine should be.

 A very fitting misspelling. Olskling (beerling). You could say that is what I was.

 My toys from Kix and Robin was of course used and people were wearing bunny ears

 Fancy glasses

 and I played the harmonica for Roxy who wasnt too impressed. She got no sense of culture that one.

All in all a perfect birthday and im very happy to have all of these amazing people in my life. Yesterday was a very tired day and even today i can feel the effects of turning 33. I guess being 33 is why i still feel shit today.

Happy birthday to me (soon)

Tomorrow is my birthday. Yup, another year older. I will get drunk in a pub and dance. Standard. Yesterday I felt all sad being stuck in bed and realising that most of my friends cant come (downside of Valentines bday in the middle of cold season) and had a rant about ‘no one can ever come to my bday’. Which is not true, Ive had some awesome ones through the years.

  • From my earlier years all through school my mum sent me off with a box of those gelatin, sugary hearts for my class mates. I hated everything pink and heart shaped. Except those sweets. I remember mum making a plat with flowers a different colours for one birthday. I felt so pretty.
  • Getting older and turning 18 with my friends at home, having a bday party with my friend Linda in our flat. Someone stole money from peoples coats, still dont know who it was. I was a tiny bit in love with a guy I cant remember the name off but he was very sweet and had kind brown eyes.
  • For my 20th Steffi threw me a surprise party where I was blindfolded for a day of laser games, beer drinking at then got a cake in my face. I smelled so bad by the end of the day I wasn’t allowed in the club. Chrisse and Kristofer gave me a bottle of wine with a home made sticker on. I loved it.
  • At 22 I was dressed as heroinist for a crime themed ‘sittining’ in Lund were Julia wasnt allowed in to the club being an activist with a brick in her hand. I had 40 of my closest friends there and felt like i owned the world.
  • At 23 I was dressed up as Marge Simpson after Magnus threw me a surprise cartoon themed party. He was a smurf. There was a picture on the nightclub homepage on me sitting on the bar with blue all around my mouth.
  • At 25 Sanna and me had a big party for 80 people at Bygdegarden in Tystberga. It was a snow storm and people almost didnt make it. But they did and both Sanna and me got so drunk we can barely remember anything from the night.
It was 1920th theme and Filippa and Sussie had a speech for us where we had to dress up in all the party clothes from Lund. 
  • At 26 I had a bday party at home. My sister came with Nisse for the beginning and then we got drunk in Maggies flat. Filippa and Sanna painted their teeth with nail polish and we went out partying all night.
  • At 27 i had a party in my flat in Soder. Sanna ate an entire chilli and we were so loud the neighbors kept complaining into the morning. 
  • Turning 28 I had just moved to London and I barely knew anyone. But, we had dinner at St Lucia and I got sung for and a gigantic bottle of shots in Whiskey Mist. Sanna and Bella came over and i didnt feel so alone.
  • 29 and I got dumped a week before my birthday. Elin and me went to Bath and then I had a 90’s party in West Ken Mansions
  •  The big 30! Oliver gave me a lovely bracelet, I celebrated in a pub with my friends, bella came over and she and Elin threw me a surprise party in a pub.

  •  31 (going past 30 starts being painful…). Ol and Kix threw me a Unicorn party!! Pretty. Fucking. Epic. (and yeah, Ive had 4 surprise parties through the years. Love my friends!)

 Ok, looking through all of this I must admit that maybe it isnt so crap having your birthday on Valentines. Maybe its pretty fucking amazing when you have he friends I have.

Im ready for you 33!!