Happy birthday to me (soon)

Tomorrow is my birthday. Yup, another year older. I will get drunk in a pub and dance. Standard. Yesterday I felt all sad being stuck in bed and realising that most of my friends cant come (downside of Valentines bday in the middle of cold season) and had a rant about ‘no one can ever come to my bday’. Which is not true, Ive had some awesome ones through the years.

  • From my earlier years all through school my mum sent me off with a box of those gelatin, sugary hearts for my class mates. I hated everything pink and heart shaped. Except those sweets. I remember mum making a plat with flowers a different colours for one birthday. I felt so pretty.
  • Getting older and turning 18 with my friends at home, having a bday party with my friend Linda in our flat. Someone stole money from peoples coats, still dont know who it was. I was a tiny bit in love with a guy I cant remember the name off but he was very sweet and had kind brown eyes.
  • For my 20th Steffi threw me a surprise party where I was blindfolded for a day of laser games, beer drinking at then got a cake in my face. I smelled so bad by the end of the day I wasn’t allowed in the club. Chrisse and Kristofer gave me a bottle of wine with a home made sticker on. I loved it.
  • At 22 I was dressed as heroinist for a crime themed ‘sittining’ in Lund were Julia wasnt allowed in to the club being an activist with a brick in her hand. I had 40 of my closest friends there and felt like i owned the world.
  • At 23 I was dressed up as Marge Simpson after Magnus threw me a surprise cartoon themed party. He was a smurf. There was a picture on the nightclub homepage on me sitting on the bar with blue all around my mouth.
  • At 25 Sanna and me had a big party for 80 people at Bygdegarden in Tystberga. It was a snow storm and people almost didnt make it. But they did and both Sanna and me got so drunk we can barely remember anything from the night.
It was 1920th theme and Filippa and Sussie had a speech for us where we had to dress up in all the party clothes from Lund. 
  • At 26 I had a bday party at home. My sister came with Nisse for the beginning and then we got drunk in Maggies flat. Filippa and Sanna painted their teeth with nail polish and we went out partying all night.
  • At 27 i had a party in my flat in Soder. Sanna ate an entire chilli and we were so loud the neighbors kept complaining into the morning. 
  • Turning 28 I had just moved to London and I barely knew anyone. But, we had dinner at St Lucia and I got sung for and a gigantic bottle of shots in Whiskey Mist. Sanna and Bella came over and i didnt feel so alone.
  • 29 and I got dumped a week before my birthday. Elin and me went to Bath and then I had a 90’s party in West Ken Mansions
  •  The big 30! Oliver gave me a lovely bracelet, I celebrated in a pub with my friends, bella came over and she and Elin threw me a surprise party in a pub.

  •  31 (going past 30 starts being painful…). Ol and Kix threw me a Unicorn party!! Pretty. Fucking. Epic. (and yeah, Ive had 4 surprise parties through the years. Love my friends!)

 Ok, looking through all of this I must admit that maybe it isnt so crap having your birthday on Valentines. Maybe its pretty fucking amazing when you have he friends I have.

Im ready for you 33!!

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