Being 33!

33! Yes, it happened. Today, I feel about 10 years older, I blame that on the beer.

When the clock struck midnight i opened my gift from F coming all the way from Canada. Singing hamster card, summer nail polish and the coolest lens case ever. Great way to mini start your birthday weekend (yes, it was a full weekend of awesome)

Saturday morning I woke and heard Oliver pottering around outside the door. After an hour he came in an gave me the best bday tray…


Semla and a skagen sandwich. Cant get better than that.

Or can it?

Well, it can!! When you get a jacket you have dreamed of…

and a trip to Iceland (the country, not the store even if Ol have painted the store in the left corner. It would have been slightly shit, and hilarious, if it was the shop.)

After a lazy morning it rang on the door and a lovely bouquet got delivered from my parents.

I sniffed my flowers, got dressed, walked to the park with Woolly and then headed down to Brew Dog to meet up my friends.

 2 weeks to go Kix was there with a bag full of swag for my party later. Glasses, glowsticks, sweeties, an elephant (of course, Robins conribution), bunny ears, an shot (egg) clock. Anything a girl could need.

 Spending the afternoon in a craft beer pub I drank my way through most of what the menu had to offer. 10% beer – yes please!

These boys were the first to arrive. Robin not drinking in support of Kix but Seb was my wing man through the night.

 Woolly wasnt too sure about my Elephant. ‘I bite you weird thing’

More people showed up. Tommy and Charlotte from Unibet crew plus Danny and Jon, Kirsten, Tommy and Elin with Anthony and Elias, Andrei, Ben and Candice and Georgia. I was a very lucky girl indeed.

 Oliver had arranged for a beautiful cake to be delivered

 and i was this happy being sung for. This is the true birthday face of a happy girl.

 We were there for 9 hours hanging, drinking, skipping dinner and dancing. As any birthday of mine should be.

 A very fitting misspelling. Olskling (beerling). You could say that is what I was.

 My toys from Kix and Robin was of course used and people were wearing bunny ears

 Fancy glasses

 and I played the harmonica for Roxy who wasnt too impressed. She got no sense of culture that one.

All in all a perfect birthday and im very happy to have all of these amazing people in my life. Yesterday was a very tired day and even today i can feel the effects of turning 33. I guess being 33 is why i still feel shit today.

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