50 shades of grey

Day 3 of hang over today. I dream of disappearing and going to my country house. The problem is the dog, who would look after him? But imagine walking in the forest and not have to think about anything. Bliss.

Woolly has adopted one of my gift. The elephant. Who knew that would turn out to be the best gift. W absolutely loves it. If loves means trying to kill and bite. A 50 shades of grey kind of love. Fitting looking at the vision in grey this picture is.

My flowers keep looking more and more amazing. I love them. Not of the Woolly kind but of the ‘they make me happy every time I see them’ kind.

Ol finishing his dinner and Wool guarding underneath for any scraps of goodness. Standard. A normal Monday night in other words. Im pretty happy with that, I want as little excitement as possible when my body is dealing with the last residues of alcohol.

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