It was pancake day yesterday but i didnt take any pics of pancakes so you get one of me chillin with Woolly instead. Thats better anyway.

My stomach is, as always, a nightmare and most of the night was spent on the bed in pain. The Holmses nailed 6 pancakes each, I ended up on 3 and there was a lot of will competing against stomach to even manage that much. Oh well, it was some great pancakes, the savory ones even had beer in them.

But, to more fun things:

  • I booked a ticket to Sweden and my country house next week. Ol and me are going from Wednesday to Monday.  Exactly what i need.
  • In 2 weeks im going to Barcelona with work for 2 days. Yes, tapas!
  • Tonight we are, cross fingers, booking tickets to Burning man. Yes, neon dancing!

Good days ahead. 

Wild Beasts – Wanderlust

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