Burn baby, burn

It was a quiet weekend the one past. I was on a sneezeathon on Friday so went home to the sofa and bed early.

On Saturday we went to Richmond with Ols family and in the evening we ate at a new neighborhood Japanese.

Ho-ja. They didnt have any tabke for us but quickly made one out of some skinny, high tables. Good thing we are tall.

The food was cheap (£5 for a main) and really nice even if some of it was a bit weird for our European taste buds. Well worth another visit for that price though.

On Sunday we went to the Heath to celebrate Benjies bday. It poured down but since our doggie needs his walks Ol and me sludged along in the mud when the others were in the pub.

Eventually we could join them and went to a place called Holly Bush for an excellent roast. One of the best once ive had.

Everything was fine and dandy and we drank ciders, ate cake and talked about our dogs. As you do as dog parents.

That could have ended as any other nice Sunday until the dopey waiter spilled tea on me. Very hot tea.

It turned into a proper burn and was properly painful. This is what my arm look like at the moment. Not pretty. Being used to burns after the big leg accident (why is it always tea? Maybe the land of tea is trying to tell me something?) I knew that the best thing is to dress it and hope it doesnt get infected.

Ol wanted me to go to ER but the thought of spending my Sunday night there was too much so we made a makeshift bandage and hoped for the best.

Today painful but im sure it will be fine. If my leg could heal without scars im sure this can.

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