Big girls cry

More than a week now and im starting to feel a bit better about it. That acute, cant breathe, crying myself to sleep state is over. Dont miss it. Dont ever want to see it again. We are done with each other.

Instead I got so much time. And no energy. Ive spent most of the weekend in bed watching an obscene amount of episodes of different series on Netflix. I did go see Kix and baby Alex on Friday and Saturday ran out at 8 with acute lonely angst meeting Tom with friends. We did another of those ‘drink vodka and set the world right’ on Saturday night. Clocks changing and we lost an hour. The day after Sunday roast with the biggest Yorkshire pudding i have ever seen.

Im keeping busy, sane and afloat. Im drinking too much vodka. As you do when heartbroken. I also have amazing friends and family. AMAZING! The send pepping messages, call, invite me around and make me feel generally loved. That counts for the world.

Julia sent me the below images from us being maybe 19. So young. And life is so much better now. No matter how tricky its still light years better. Im making myself remember that.

My parents wants me to come to Sweden, im trying to work it out work wise. Will see if I can make it happen. I also have a lot to do at work since i was very useless last week.

Here, a picture of the chilli plant. It has made me open the blinds to the world this weekend, it deserves all the credit in the world.

Big girls cry

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