I’ve been staring into the sun, but it all feel like

The weather keeps being absolutely lovely here in London and Jacke and me walk in every morning talking about life’s little surprises (like sometimes sneaking up on you behind and fucking trip you head first).

Yesterday I served myself this work of art of a dinner. Salmon and avocado, doesnt have to be harder than that. And a glass of diet coke of course, Im addicted big time and one day when i become a health crazy mum of two I might stop but being single and irresponsible im allowed to drink it every day.

I talked for a long time with Alexandra and then took a walk with mini hound.

The moon was awesome (yup, its the tiny speck in the sky) and I curtsied three time (you are supposed to do that when its coming (like a comma sign) and wish for something) and enjoyed the evening smells.

Coming home I spied on Jacke watching documentaries by the table. He looks a bit caught out, wonder what documentaries he is watching…

Then took my spot in the sofa for some Scottish romance

After a couple of hours on the sofa went to bed and W took his normal place in bed, next to me almost kicking me out of bed. Used to it by now, having kids will be a ball park.


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