Going East

Elin asked me if I wanted to come up East and see Tove Styrke yesterday. Yes, i did. It was in Hoxton Bar and Grill. The place we went to when we were ‘experiencing East’ with Robin and Sven back in the days. We jumped into a cab and said ‘take us to East’. Thats where we ended up. Cool cats. (for those of you who dont know London, its a bit like saying ‘I want to experience soder’ and end up on Medborgarplatsen)

We started with some pho, we wanted to have steak in the church gone hard rock meat place but it was full. Believe me, I will be back there one day.

Tove was good and and I had a great time. She looked about 12 and wore some kind of bullet proof vest thing. I felt very out of touch with the ‘young people’. Good that, I still think looking like an old rocker is the height of fashion (not that it ever was in my time but hey, its all about finding your own style)

Elin and me drank Swedish ciders in celebration of Tove and planned Eurovison and wedding. Equally important in the Rislow mind.

Came home to my dog and realised im leaving him for 3 days. Sad face. He was stressed this morning when i was packing but then Ol came and he was all focused on licking his face. Best distraction.

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