Walking down memory lane

Out drinking cocktails with Dimitra yesterday. Feel like shit today. As it goes. Great night, great girl and great cocktails though. She said that I seem like someone who has done so much and had so much fun and thinking about it realisisng its true.

I have traveled all over the world, from back packing in Asia and South America to late night dancing in Ibiza. I have walked the Inca trail, danced in the sunrise at Burning Man, got up in the middle of the night to go fishing with some old fishermen in northern Norway, being fed crabs by a Cambodian party of 20, gone to a sober dance party in a nightclub in NYC, drunk vodka with russian oligarchs on a yacht in Croatia, done yoga in the sunrise in Honduras, been taught belly dancing in Morocco, sung a N’Sync song on the radio in the early morning hours in Aland, walked the mountains in Wales, surfed in Sri Lanka, been to a hospital with an infection in Laos, scuba dived, thinking I was going to die but holding the hand of a friend, in Thailand, crashed a wedding in Paris, kissed a much older boy in Italy when I was 16, found a paradise city in the middle of a desert in Brazil, fallen in love in England, sat up all night talking about who I want to be with a friend i haven’t seen in years on a boat in NYC and done off piste skiing in the Alps.

I have moved country and city and lived in 16 different flats. My friends are from all over the world. I have a family that will do anything for me and I think about them every day. I have loved boys that have taught me about knots, live drawing, japanese culture, teas, how to make a wicked boat cleaner, how sleeping next to someone with an open window a warm summer night can make you feel invincible, cornish pasties, weird music, anime, how you sometimes need to cry your heart out, meditation, sailing, how to open your heart, tennis, open mindedness and love. I’m still friends with my ex boyfriends and I will always love them.

I have a dog and a pretty impressive collection of shoes. I have left a book shelf of books in every flat I ever lived. I know how to listen to people and make them smile. Someone once told me I have a hippie heart and that im the best Swede they know for being up for anything and liking everyone. I’m wise and kind. I speak out about things I care about and I sometimes fight with my mum because I love her. I care about people and I know about being sad.

Ive been given flowers by a homeless person because I was sad and crying on the street and an umbrella by a stranger because it was raining. I always give money to homeless people and I once carried an old ladies bags all the way to her flat for 30 minutes.

Wonder what the next 30 years will bring.

 NYC – on a late night roof top party

 Sailing in Croatia

 River rafting in Peru

 Midsummer in Turkey

 Sun bathing in the Hamptons

 Mountain walking in Argentine

 On the beach in Cuba

 On our way to the salt desert in Bolivia

 Scuba diving in Honduras

 On a boat in Honduras

 At a pool party in Cannes

Summer party in the middle of winter in Stockholm

Dancing at Burning Man

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