A black hole and some weird ass dinner

Jacke made me dinner, he warned me before that he doesn’t cook. ‘How bad can it be’ i thought to myself. Well…impressive. Ready made burgers in tikka masala sauce with naan bread. At least I said no to the pasta J topped it off with. The american/indian/italian mix didn’t do it for me.

This make me appreciate my own lazy but organic A&C cooking. Speaking of which, we have found a black hole around our flat. This morning 2 inexplicable things happened. First one of the A&C boxes were missing – the meat one. Either someone stole it, the driver didnt deliver it or the black hole stole it.

The theory of the last ones got supported by the fact that J managed to lose the keys in the 30 cm drop from the shoe bench. They slipped through the tiles and were gone. Poff. We turned every shoe upside down and looked everywhere.

Telling you – a black hole. Somewhere in an alternative universe someone just got a key and meat box delivery. Hope they enjoy it.

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