Dissolve Me

Life is a bit weird on all of us at the moment. Oliver and me are trying to get some routines in the pick up and leave of Wool as well as finding ways of hanging out, Jacke is living on a mattress in our living room (sometimes I miss my sofa bad) and are getting used to London and Im a bit spazzed out generally and trying to figure out what the hell im doing.

So yeah, you could say its one of those cross roads in life and im gearing up for things to happen. I know they need to, I just don’t know what the answer is. Its like my whole body is buzzing for a decision to be made. I keep asking my friends but they tell me nothing. Some say I could never move back to Sweden, that I would hate it there, others that I should just come home. People think I should change my job but some say stay and collect the money from the options. They are as confused as I am, lets face it, there are no clear answer to this.

My problem is I don’t trust myself to take decisions to make me happy. I have a habit of second guessing and regret. That whole concept of ‘its best what happened’ is hard when you tend to not trust your own judgment, that is why i love when others take decisions for me. (yes, i hear how this sounds and i get that i need to work on this stuff).

For the moment I just want to kick back like Woolla and sleep my way through it all. To be a dog…

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