Eurovision 2015 – we did it!

If anyone missed it, Sweden won Eurovision!! That made Elins yearly party even more wonderfully weird, drunken and crazy colourful. It was an all in, guns blazing, margarita soaked Eurovision party worthy of celebrating a winner. 
An Elin party in other words…

No surprises that there was mandatory dress up with Tommy making drinks in some white extravaganza and pizza and snacks being served.

I cant speak for the rest but I was drunk 1 hour in and then just kept dancing for the following 8 hours of amazingness. Go Sweden!

I invited Jennifer and Felipe from work and made Jacke go. He was reluctant until he realised he got to go as Roger Pontare. Everyone is happy dressed up in a kaftan and indian head dress (especially on the tube with people dressed in actual kaftans). Look at his little mischievous face.

Greece (cyclops of course, also the reason for ouzo. For that alone he deserves instant death) and some probably famous tv presenter.

Roger Pontare living it up at the party.

Jennifer and Tom talking coffee, they are both really in to that stuff. I love serious conversations in ridiculous outfits.

Elin running the voting with an iron hand. There was also some betting. You got randomly assigned countries. I lost.

Marielle had dressed Anthony up in her clothes and they were a slightly less glitz and glam version of ABBA. Looking fashion though and that is what counts.

There are a lot of these pics to come. The crew borrowed my camera, turned on the flash, and made everyone look FASHIOON (and ugly – problem is you kind of have to be Kate Moss to pull that shit off, not a 30 something…)

Garth and me taking some ‘we have newly broken up from our relationships and look fab’ pictures. Well…

That pony tail (with matching face) is epic. I adore,

This is where ouzo went in and mind went out. It all goes (even more) down hill from here.

Another ‘we are pretty awesome’ pic (dont mind the fact that I woke up crying on the sofa from having fallen asleep in the middle of the party. Im awesome when my mind dont catch up with me)

These guys – cant understand im marrying them off soon.

Yes. Let this picture sink in. A Swedish girl in some indian head gear, a Colombian guy being made to do (not just watch but actually do) Eurovision. A Norwegian guy getting his hair done and an English guy in girls clothes. Did i mention it was an epic party.

Tommy fading. He went to bed 1, we danced on his sofa until 3. You cant win them all Tommy.

If me and Garth were channeling fabulousness Elias and me are going for the Nordic gloom.He is from Sortland, the tiny little place that was the big village close to the tiny, tiny place i packed fish in. There is some serious gloom the be had where he is from. Me, im just born that way.

Nah, just kidding. We are having a PARTY!!!!


Flash again (see – not Kate Moss = 40 year old latvian)

Bleurgh (im running out of captions and the be honest, this is kind of what my mind was saying around here)

These are the ‘Sweden Fucking won people’ pictures. Clever. And stylish.

Jacke was Elins wing man in the voting and chasing people. Look how happy they are.

The winning picture. This is the faces of happy swedes feeling like we are best in the whole wide world at everything (its also called drunk).

More posing from fashion crew

And ill end this with some very happy dancy pictures

Good thing the neighbors didnt complain since we kept on playing every eurovision hit ever until 3 in the morning.

That was it, I woke up on Tomlins sofa the day after but ill write more about that when i can think again,

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