Rodriguez at Royal Albert Hall

Went to see Rodriguez at Royal Albert Hall yesterday. It was a last minute things since Kirsten and her new boyfriend Pete were supposed to take his parents as a belated birthday gift. He got stuck on a plane though so I ended up going. With Kirsten and her new boyfriend parents. We had a lovely time, you can call me the parent whisperer.

The concert was amazing and very emotional. Rodriguez was led on stage by his daughter but once on there was an abundant of energy and so much love from the audience. The normally pretty stiff English people kept screaming ‘we love you’ and R bashfully joked ‘its only the drinks talking guys’.

It wasn’t. He was amazing and padded out his set list with old classics like La Bamba and had people dancing in the aisles between the seat. He looked the part in a top hat and vest and got asked for his number even though being past 70. 

But it was with Sugar Man he got the whole audience giving him a standing ovation when the song was over. I got a tear in my eye and kept thinking how far he has come and how amazing it is that he got the chance to experience this.

The modern, safer, version of the lighter. Peoples mobile phones making the room dance with light and this rocking 70 year old in the middle making a room dance, sing and scream I love you over and over again.


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