Ok, less on the self pity. I had my night of no sleep and hating on my ex. Now, time to think happy thoughts. In the words of every cheesy quote out there ‘think positive thoughts and good things will come’

Wore the best t-shirt ever yesterday. My Hangry one. Im the princess of Hangry (Sanna is the queen btw). This is, as the t-shirt state, ‘a state of anger caused by lack of food causing irrational emotion’. All girls out there bow their heads to the best word ever that FINALLY make sense of that shit that goes down when we haven’t got fed.

Also, new Ville Vessla shoes. Imagine trying to hide behind a curtain in those bad boys. Very hemlig.

Oliver before he broke the news. (smiley bastard (i dont really hate him, i just need a day of being angry)

Some thai at the cutest little that cafe. Love that place and dirt cheap. English tea room meets thai food – that is a match made in heaven.

Me, my t-shirt, my forehead and jelly beans. Awesomness!!

Once i got home being a bit shell shocked Eric told me i had an admirer from the boat. He wouldn’t say who but that made me believe in the world again. Talking to my dad today he told me that even if you are supposed to be all ‘its fine, i just want them to be happy’ its ok the be all upset for a bit if you believe that it will be better. Wise words daddy.

He also told me he went to the doctor to pick up a crutch and when the lady in the reception saw his age she told him to keep it ‘since it might come in handy. ‘The gammel is chasing me’ was daddy’s conclusion.

No worries dad, in my mind you are forever young but also wise.

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