Midsummer 2015

Safe back in London after yet another Midsummer. This one was a cold, rainy and windy affair but also late night dancing in the sauna and interesting political discussion with the golden oldies (yeah, I was talking FI with 60+ business men).

Lost my camera (its been found, praise the Lord) it will have to do with stolen pictures from the day in the wait for my cameras safe return to London with PP this weekend. 

Because of the weather we sat inside. That didn’t stop the snaps drinking, singing and general mayhem. I refused to acknowledge the weather and was wearing a very midsummery, all white outfit. (Maybe not the smartest being out in the mud on one of the rainiest days of the year.)

After lunch it was time for dancing around the pole (I sat this one out, tiny ballerinas arent made for mud dancing) and then we were supposed to just hang around until dinner because it was ‘too wet for boat’. Fuck that shit said the viking in our crew and headed to Bosse anyway.

Maggie and me braved the weather and showed up to at least say hi to the kids and drink some champagne. You cant diss the traditions, even if its bad weather.

Pep talk. ‘This can be done tiny people’ says the appropriately dressed Fredrik (yeah, i know i look pretty well done in my red rain coat, its Alex’s though and from their new horror movie Alana. So basically, im wearing a murderer rain coat. Sweet!

But, it was pretty beautiful at one point (this might have been the day before, cant remember it looking like this).

After Bosse we had dinner, danced on the sofas, went to the sauna and danced until it became light again.

The day after i woke up with so much hung over angst I just couldnt stay so Maggie and Fredde drove me back to the country house. That was for the best. I literally woke up feeling like I was going to suffocate – combination of too much alcohol, sadness and being on my own.

Instead i had 2 days at this beautiful place eating delicious food,  hanging with La Familia, getting some sun and generally recuperating.

Sun is shining

Here is Sandras story about how your heart can break if you drink too much Midsummer. I think mine kind of survived for most of the laughing, talking, dancing part but I just couldn’t do it the day after, then you need you parents and safety.

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