Tick tock

I got myself a watch for the first time since i was well, 15 maybe. I stopped using a watch when the mobile phones came and because i have a tic were i end up checking my watch ALL THE TIME.

But, saw this beauty and couldn’t stop myself. Love it. And maybe I need to grow up enough to actually wear a watch. I forgot it today though. Baby steps.

Otherwise not much. I keep thinking about moving back, Im definitely leaning against it. I keep wondering what im doing here in London now that Ol and me are no longer together. I cant see myself living here for the rest of my life so why stay? Well, I have until August to decide.

I work in time lines at the moment. Because of the last years inability to take any decisions I have now started to give myself deadlines for when I need to make some kind of decision or move on. My 3 months after Ol is over as of yesterday. From now on I need to be at least open to dating (i said I would actively seek it out but Tinder, come on). And August is my ‘should i stay or go home’ deadline. I also have an October deadline for a new job if I stay.

So yeah, basically life is very likely to be turned completely on its head with new country, new job and hopefully new relationship. No wonder i feel like I need to gather some energy.

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