Party Lights

Went our with work for a drink last night. Few things are better than cider on these never ending summer nights. Lisa and Dan came by and we talked and drank until the sun went down.

There was a lot of office gossip going around. Im always so oblivious and know nothing and remembers even less of what people actually tell me. At Unibet I had Tom to update me on what was going on, we would eat lunch once a month just for me to get an update. Then i forgot it as quickly. I don’t care much what people are up to but I love being told.

So yeah, gossiping and laughing and LIVING. When you’ve been ‘me, sofa, robe, baked beans’ sad those first twinges of LIFE is so wonderfully amazing. Everything is heightened with 100%. You are  happy in a ‘I own the world’ kind of way.

I even got some late night summer kisses in an alley up against a wall. I think the world is powered on those.

Today i felt like this though. So worth it.

This years best summer song: Sun is shining

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