Midsummer 2015 – the year of looking balling

My camera i back! I lost it at Midsummer (might be the fact that I ran out of there being chased by the angst monster.) but PP brought it back for me.

So, the pictures? Lets put it this way. Since we gave the photo books this year we kept yelling ‘think about the photo book’ every time someone took a picture. Never have we looked so absolutely ridiculous… If looking at the book thinking that previous years we look pretty good. Well, not so much 2015.

Here it is in all its glory. Rainy, cold, drunken, uglifying 2015

Before. We can see that Sanna is setting the trend for where this will go. Hey ho. A couple of more beers and off we go.

It poured down. All day. At least some balloons are trying to brighten up the place. Good thing its big enough to sit inside. And that we had beers. And the best midsummer music list

Erik had sacrificed a Denise Rudberg book for seating. That made for some good tant snusk reading between snaps.

Gearing up to create a better party than last year. The combination of rain, loads of snaps and being stuck inside worked wonders. Erik, you can be proud of your friends – we still got it.

 I had Roger next to me. I tried my hardest to make him into Robban. He is my spirit animal.

Peter reading about hertz and schmertz and Sofia doing her ‘look good for the book’ pose. This is serious business. We will never know how the lives of the privileged at Ostermalm truly is unless we take notes from this book. #truefact

The standard drinking snaps picture. You are not a proper Swede without it. And at Eriks you take this serious. The general wont let anyone slack on the Midsummer traditions.

Me working hard on luring out Robban. Everyone knows they (the Robbans) are best caught by any kinds of alcohol. Rose straight from the box have proved successful in the past.

 ‘Look good for the book’. Yes please.

Tompa was back! We had missed you. No sleving in bastun but who cares when you get to sit next to this Midsummer angel. Right Maggie?

 Book pose. Yes but no but yes.

Try stop looking like a 14 year old kid. Nope. I reverted back. Single again I decided to shed about 20 years. Plus the alcohol. There is no losing in that combination.

 Taking a break (or book posing. Hard to tell this Midsummer 2015 – the year of looking balling)

Going through the pictures of previous years. Since everything between lunch and waking up the morning after tend to be a blur its good (?) to be able to get a glimpse of what actually goes on

 I hear you Sanna. More dancing, less sitting.

I think that i instantly go for the arms out, flying pose (yes, that a pose, havent you seen it on the red carpet) when someone says Book Pose. #sorrynotsorry

 YES! Not only did I bring out Robban I also totally hit it off with his girlfriend.

Book pose! This is a keeper my friends. In 20 years we will think ‘hot damn’ and i is. HOT DAMN!

So, a group of us left and went to Bosses. When we came back we found this. A table full of booze, crisps and some weird ass games going on. Good work holding the fana high when we were away.

 Sanna – HOT DAMN! #bookpose

Told you. The year of the amazeballs poses. Anyone look good on Midsummer they say. Swedes are so pretty they say. #notlikemycrew

Fabio – im ready for whatever it is you are trying to tell us. Mr Parma Ham ill trust you as far as i can throw you and that is pretty far.

Who says sitting inside in June is boring? Those guys havent had an unending amount of snaps to fall back on. Or my girls. My girls are pretty much the best. Just saying.

Eh yes! Book pose Lasse. I think we all have some to learn from this man. Mostly that all girls love Southern comfort.

This might look like a break from the party but then you havent been drinking with Lasse. I spent it discussing FI with Lelle. And drinking southern comfort. More feminist should do that, you get instantly 5 times smarter. And what a munläder.

Did I tell you we were happy Tompa was back?! Especially me who got to share a bed. I did wake up very close to a man i want sure who it was but then i looked over and saw it was the Midsummer angel and it felt fiiiine.

Bonding. I wish I could say we were talking about something but im pretty sure we didnt. But sometimes you dont need that, you can speak the language of…booze.

Dad, impressed that your daughter is ALWAYS the one on the chairs/tables/sofas/shelves if i can fit? Good, thought so. #greatgenepool

 Who says white men cant dance? Those guys havent seen the epicness that are snapsfylla.

 Oh hello. Someone decided to aim for sexy for his book pose.

 Me too!

 Yes, you boys are frekking awesome and you know it. Im not sure once a year is really enough.

Damn you too, even while singing you look kind of perfect. #maybethatsanevenbettergenepool

If i were a gangster I would want this to be my crew. No one would dare to mess with Alex The Dare Devil Dancer and Sanna The Stare Wendti.

 Just because.

Late night dancing. Even if this might not be the actual moment it reminds me of when the lads stood arm in arm in the swim suits singing ‘All by myself’ to me. That is true friendship – 9 parts love and 1 part merciless teasing.

I end with a lovely picture of Negar ti show that we (she) can look normal and sweet on Midsummer as well.

Since we always are pretty rocking here is previous years Midsummers. Enjoy!

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