Things you do when inte haspen är på

Not only did I get to hang with my girls on Midsummer, the weekend prior to that they were doing a semi sunny London and making me think that maybe after all I could do this weird, expensive and wonderful city. Who knows.

With the return of the camera came some sweet pics from that weekend too.

Our national day picnic in Hyde Park. I already told you about the kids trying to steal our balloons. Bastards. Good thing we are big strong Vikings owning these puny englishmen.

 Vikings drinking hard core stuff like Peroni and Cider. Bad ass.

This girl! Pretty damn amazing. If I could pick them up and move them to London I wouldn’t want for anything more (well, maybe a flat and a boyfriend and a drivers license.)

 Peter had to do an Erik and survive with the girls for a weekend. A couple of years ago when we were all singles poor Erik had to do this all the time. His survival instinct was to stop listen and think about football. Smart guy.

Elin and the little princess. She skipped the snaps (clever) but it all worth it to have her come hang out.

 Interior at Bodega Negra. Like something out of Astrid Lindgren. Weirdly appropriate. All grown ups want to have cocktails in the fairy tales of our childhood. At least me.

 We dont only strike poses for Midsummer. You could say that Sanna is a bit of a linslus. But hey, she gets away with it.

 Peter and me rocking Peters stiff smile. You can tell who is the natural at that.

 Ja, ja  ja. Its mega sunny today and this pic makes me ant to go out and have cocktails in the sun. Wonder of my boss would mind.

Hell yeah! Coolest kids on the block. Any trendy wendy nightclub would dream to have us. They just need to understand that. One day.

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