Blah, blah, blah

I cant wait for holiday. With the lucky stroke of actually going to BM I have 3 weeks this summer. Feels pretty damn epic. However, still 2 weeks to go. Feels like eternity in a summery London with nothing to do at work.

Well, I spend my time going for drinks, socialising and sitting on the sofa. Yesterday I went with Dimitra for a drink before heading to pick up the dog. He’s a blessing in disguise since he make me not go ’til late (D is sick from work today…)

Picked up mini monster and took him on the tube. He chilled and i admired my nails as well as worrying about this wound on my foot (from a shoe mind you but my homeless feet are not to be trusted) that i think might be on the way to get infected.

Since im miss ‘dont mind me, I dont need legs’ Im still walking in and just hoping that the wound will sort itself out. That hasnt proven very sucessful in the past but hey, not a summer without some kind of weird wound (think last one was fine so im probably in for a treat this year)

State of mind. Last night i wanted to punch that little furry guy when I was awake between 3 – 5 with my wound hurting (im sure it’ll be fine) and W slept soundly next to me and then as soon as I feel asleep he started fussing needing to go out and wanting to sleep under the covers. The life of a dog parent.

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