Dont you want somebody to love

Its getting a  bit old me feeling shit on Mondays. To the point were the intervention texts have started coming. Good things its only 2 weeks until holidays.

To be honest though, we all know its been a bit much. Between me, Jacke, Miles and Rocky celebrating J yesterday we made a promise to drink less or stop hanging out. A friendship ultimatum. 

This is me Saturday morning. We had the big quarterly at Tiger Tiger on Friday and went straight for the jagerbombs without passing go. By 8 basically everyone was pissed. By 10.30 i was asked to ‘walk around the block’ and escorted out by 2 bouncers.

Thrown out from Tiger Tiger at a work do. On my wall of shame.

Not sure what happened here but me being bruised all over is a sure sign of fun. After leaving the club we actually went to another one before I realised, rightly so, that if you are too drunk for one club you are probably too drunk for the next one. Was home by midnight.

After having sworn of drinks in the morning Tomlins happened. It was an easy one though. We went to Pix and then to the new Soho House.

Very cozy and mostly planning and talking wedding.

Except for Tommy talking about how big my boobs are. ‘ive never really thought about them’. ‘Well Tom, that makes me pretty happy to be honest. He is also trying to make me go skinny dipping on the wedding being ‘one of the lads’ and all. He obviously dont know my aversion to public nudity.

Sunday morning was J’s bday. I had gone to the swedish shop to get him a mazarin to wake him with all while singing beautifully but he didnt show up until 10.30 so i threw it at him in the kitchen. Fancy.

After hours of laying in bed watching movies we went out and i treated J to birthday lunch at Wahaca before going to the AIK pub to watch the game.

Rocky and Miles showed up as well and we had some bourboun and blueberry ciders (weirdly amazing) and saw AIK win. After one more drink at one more pub I went home to W and J went on for dinner. he is broken man today as you should after turning 32 having just moved to London.

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