Dream outfits (or just plain weird)

Jakob cooked me dinner last night. Home made pytt i panna on sausage. Pretty damn amazing. Previous tries by that man havent necessarily rocked my world (they have been terrible) but this was very nice. Must be the crazy amount of butter.

Woolly thought so too and kept moaning under the table. His ‘its sausage and i cant keep it back’ moan. I gave him some sausage and as thanks he farted on me all night.

I was trying on BM clothes. Since we are there for 7 days this time around rather than 3 I need even more weird and wonderful outfits. This is a very sparkly, multi coloured jumpsuit. I look like a candy.

Its also side boob showing and completely backless. If that wasnt enough quite tight. Wise from last year I know none of that matters once you are out there on the playa. Anything that makes you smile when you see yourself is a winner.

Or looking tough. Love feeling like a tights and hat clad super hero.

Now i just need to get the toastmastery planned, last things for BM sorted and the crayfish party organised and im rocking for holiday.

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