Bikini times – or not

This was my dinner last night. A well balanced, healthy dinner in these pre bikini times. But, this is not the only dinner i ended up cooking. Due to Ol coming late to leave the dog and J being a fail thinking of only eating chocolate after cricket I decided to cook them some food. Im nice like that.

That meant i had to try some, you know, to know what it was like. And eat some chocolate. And 2 ice creams. And while i was at it some cheese as well.

My beach 2015 plan failed miserably. Today is a new day though and even if that means dinner with Lollo im hoping for some fairly healthy eating. And maybe a cider or two.

Im pretty happy bikini will happen with only Sanna and that once at BM it doesnt matter any longer. Because you are drunk and havent washed for days and covered in sand and dont care for shit what people think for the previous reasons.

Have I mentioned i love that place?

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