Dating and peacocks (not dating peacocks)

(Sorry Dad for posting so late today, hope you havent been in wondering what is going on. Nothing, im alive and kicking and eating matlåda feeling fine.)

Met this little dude on way in to work casually strolling around Holland Park. He was a long way from his home the japansese garden taking a tour around the streets of London. Cudos to you peacock man.

Met with Lollo last night. Our brief for the night was ‘somewhere with cute boys we can look at but dont have to talk to’. Ended up at nr 32 in Clapham and true to the brief there was a lot of cute boys to look at but not talk to – because they were all on dates.

Fun for them we thought (not at all bitter) and ate our food, drank our ciders and talked about dating, or rather the lack of.

I might have met my superior in crap flirting skills in Lollo. I tend flirt along the lines of  ‘get me drunk, make me laugh, surprise kiss me and im yours’. I pretty much always end up going ‘i had nooo idea what was going on’.

Lollo on the other hand actively un flirt (none flirt? de flirt?). She had plans with the guy she is massively in to and cancelled without explanation due to ‘being double booked’ and then complained about the fact that he didnt want to go on a date with her.

Say what!? Even I get that you cant cancel plans due to some woolly double booking and hope that the guy dont take that as a massive diss. Beceause it kind of is.

Anyway, we both realised we a) need help just generally in this whole dating scene b) need to actually hang out with guys outside our jobs to have an honest chance at this c) actively decide to like someone and go for it rather than just sit back and hope for prince charming  (or in my case – a slightly alcoholic rocker dude with a dream of adventures) to walk in the room d) maybe lower that specification list some. (I still wont add guys in club blazers mum) e) have loads of fun doing it (it as in dating, not it it).

My 4 months deadline for dating is up so i need to get on it. I just have a date with my sofa first. For about another 3 months.

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