Friday feeling

Check me out. I went home last night rather than go out. It was a close call but the angel on my shoulder won overe the devil. Woolla and me sat at home and watched Suits instead (ok, admittedly W wasn’t super into it – he prefers Vikings). Loving it (maybe because i have a little crush on the young guy. Even if he is blond. But he is so, well, cute (not that i do cute but once in a blue moon – and you know what, today is actually that blue moon*).

Tonight is Friday though. Definitely having at least one, most likely more, drinks. Having W all weekend with Ol being up to no good at some art festival somewhere means early to bed but that suits me anyway.

This is me and the girls in Ibiza 2 years ago. Im definitely reaching for the stars. This is what ill mak today be.

Wonderful life

* A blue moon is when its 2 full moons in the same month and today this is happening. So, today is officially ‘once in a blue moon’

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