Viva espania (yeah, the cheesiest title ever I know)

So, we are in Spain. It’s hot, filled with only Spanish people (imagine that) and I’m the whitest person on the beach.

Sanna on the other hand has a tan, go surfing and do yoga in the sunset. 

F**k that. I drink mojitos, get a sunburn and read on my kindle. True British style. They have a saying here – only dogs and the English are stupid enough to be on the beach daytime. I’ve finally embraced my adopted country. 

If you only have a week in the Spanish sun you better enjoy it. 

Yesterday I was full on sun shivering so I put on my jeans and my leather jacket (that gave me some interesting looks) and we ventured up to the lighthouse. This is where the battle of trafalgar happened. 

It was us and people with phones taking selfies. Nelson would have turned in his grave. 

We drank beer and enjoyed the sunset and only took some pictures. 

After this pizza ready. We ate and didn’t talk because they also have internet. A highly unsocial dinner if you think IRL. In the www world we rocked, posted pictures and emoticoned our way through dinner. 

I ate my entire pizza. That finished me off. After that bed and sleeping for 10 hours. Holiday – you complete me. 

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