Crayfishing – it always ends with the brits puking

After those pretty civilised days the London crew happened. The guys landed Wednesday and we went straight on the beers. We did some other stuff as well like going to the pool and hang with the horses but mostly we just drank beers.

In the evening BBQ and more beers.

Candice and me posed and tried to look fabulous in no make up and country clothes. Good thing you have a photographer to help.

On thursday – also known and crayfish day, we headed to the booze store since we drank most of the beers the night before. Bendice had a field day. Ben just keep walking around being ‘I wan it all’. He didnt get it all but enough to have us all crawling around on the floor by the end of the night.

Eventually we went back to the country house for some more sun and some more beers.

We did play some tennis. Not all can be alcohol and lazying around.

We were pretty shit but i found my old rainbow kid raquet and then it all felt like unicorn tennis. Especially drinking beer at the same time.

Finally time for the swedish crayfishes. Look at these beauties. Nothing better in the world than proper crayfish.

 Maria and Anders joined us and we had the hats and the bibs as well as shit loads of snaps.

Great recipe for a party right? Bendice went all in on the crayfish eating. And drinking. They kept yelling ‘song’ and before we knew it the snaps were out and we had to go on the vodka.

 I got the one mega. Looks like a lobster next to the little mini ones.

Anything were you wear hats and sing songs ends up being amazing. Especially when you drink a bottle of snaps and a bottle of vodka on 4 people.

 Ben and me hid away smoking like naughty kids.

 Putting my finger in Bens ear.

 Yes, the most hilarious thing ever.

Anders telling us about his very british friends going to Sandhurst and hunting. We all looked at each other and went ‘what about the rude boys – they are the truly british ones’.

Then magic happnened. Both Londoners puked before midnight (yes!) but we managed to get Ben up for a second go. And that meant all night dancing until 4 in the morning. Oliver looking like some kind of evil magician.

 Power ballads.

Oliver and me being dinousaurs (because why not). I think this is a pretty amazing ex couple picture. If you are going to hang out once broken up do it in style.

 Think im trying to do crayfish claws here but having way too much fun.

Power dancing. Oliver kept putting on garage and i kept yelling ‘exes over friends’ when Ben tried to rule the music. Not sure that one flew. But I should have something for our 4 years together.

 Ben being sleezy fashion photographer on the floor. Fits him like a slightly disgusting glove.

 More epic dancing (we are probably around hour 3 of dancing here)

 More ‘i love these guys’ picture. Because I do. My frog and my awesome ex boyfriend.

 4 o clock in the morning being absolutely epic.

 The day after was more like this…

Oliver in his non hung over state did some meditation. I mostly tried to process all the alcohol in my system.

Ben had to sew Klamydia back together. She had a rough night and lost her arm. Poor Klamydia, she got used and abused once more at one of the crayfish parties, she must dread August.

But Ben being surprisingly skilled at sewing he put her back together again for her to be ready for next year.

Then we left the country house and the stench of crayfishes behind and headed to Sthlm. Good call. 

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