How to rock the socks off Spain

Back in London. The rain is pouring down. Home sweet home. But, wont complain, have had 2 weeks of absolute dreamy holiday. Even Sweden had sun. And i have a tan.

Sanna and me lived the holiday dream in Canos. She did loads of yoga, I read 5 books, rolled in sand and jumped in the sea every 5 minutes.

We also sat outside our flat watching the lovely view of an empty parking lot. And the view of undrunk, cold coronas.

We ate weird, spanish ‘surprise’ food. It was never what you thought it was going to be. Part of the charm. When you speak no spanish except for ‘una mas cerveza’ (which is both grammatically incorrect and kind of the words every tourist know) you never really know what food will be served. An adventure every day.

 We also played TP on the beach.

 I won because im a legend.

One night we walked up to the light house. Sanna made me do some squat thing the day before and i hurt so bad i couldnt walk. Like she cared.

 She made me trek up the hill and then she stood pointing like the nazi like character she is.

 It was beautiful though and i might have been happy she made me (which i didnt tell her of course – ‘evil should with evil be made to dissappear’ as we say in swedish.)

Ok, it was pretty damn amazing in Canos. I would happily go back. Find myself a little house, a hound and become the weird foreign lady.

Sanna also took us to some pretty village city called Vejer. Cool BUT took away time for important sun bathing time (Sanna were dreaming topless dreams of BM and that needs some serious boob sun tanning action)

I found a door that made me look like I was owning in some old fantasy movie. Cant get better than that.

Oh yes it could because then I found a beer. Medieval fantasy doors and beer. Winning.

I also found my spirit animal in form of this hung over looking saint. She would be allowed to lay next to me on the sofa on any given Sunday.

Mmmm, beer ❤

We plocked limes from the street and Sanna showed her best flamenco moves.

We also went to every market we could find and picked up some BM necessitites. For instance a tutu for kids and an army water bottle. And gold shoes. Hell yes for gold shoes.

Sunset selfie.

A ‘paella on the beach’ picture. Cant get more spanish than that.

On Saturday before heading home early sunday morning Sanna and me went to the little beach bar and danced to some epic spanish music. We met two cute spanish guys and decided the night wasnt over until we drank too many mojitos, danced like there was no tomorrow and stayed on the beach until sunrise and almost missed the flight. Well, i decided, Sanna went home early and was not massively impressed when i rocked up at 7 in the morning.

I, on the other hand, was very impressed that the old ‘write your number in gigantic letters on my
arm’ trick worked. 

Todays tune- Beach House – Myth

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