The few quiet days in Sweden before crazy happened

Going straight to Sweden from Spain (and not having slept at all on Saturday night) I was very happy to be able to go to Jules flat and straight to bed Sunday evening. Needed.

On Monday I woke up to this view. I had a momentary ‘shit, i instantly need to move back to Sweden’ until i remembered November and basically every month until May.

I got dressed, tried to take a picture of my tan so that I would be able to prove it happened, and then ventured out for wedding shopping.

That was done in an hour so moved on to normal shopping. And, then it happened… the ultimate tan picture. Here it is, the proof that even my norwegian vampire skin can get some colour.

After a day of shopping (and 5 bags to fit into my already full hand luggage) i met Sanna for BM planning. It was some nerve wrecking hours when to got, lost and then kind of got again both tickets and accomodations. We also ate burger since we are to live in bikinis in 1 week.

On Tuesday i wore my new clothes and met my sis for lunch before going down to mum and dad.

Another stunning view and more of those ‘i really love sweden’ thoughts.

I worked some more on my tan and marveled about the fact that i could.

Then we headed for booze and food shopping before the brits would land. That my friends will be another post.

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