Oh London, you give me nothing but rain

Ok, wedding done and dusted I woke up noon for my last day in Sthlm. I slept late. Between partying, nervousness and late night talks with Ol i was D.O.N.E. Finito. No more juice in this body. One of Elins friends came up to me at the wedding and asked if I always had this much energy. I laughed at her. She hasnt seen me Mondays.

But, since friends were around we went to Strandbryggan and said hi to the wine drinking crew. Hi wine drinking crew.

This is my ‘im so tired I cant even speak and i wish i was sitting in a dark corner’ fake smile. Candice dont look convinced.

London greeted me with rain. Non stop. Being VERY proud of my tan (as you might have gathered) I decided to flaunt it anyway and wear stupidly short skirts. My mum would have had a heart attack.

I also decided to make Monday less Monday by trying out outfits for my desert adventure. Jakob came home from the pub, took one look at me, shook his head and went to hide in the dungeon. What goes in the desert might not be as winning in London.

Painting space nails and learning spanish via whatsapp. Alvaro and me have a deal, ill teach him english and he’ll teach me really useful phrases in spanish. Unfortunately i dont have anyone to talk to so i just sit and say them out loud with no idea if its right.

‘Soy un poco loca y solo me gustan las personas locas que me hacen reír’. That means ‘im really weird (notice how he went for ‘un poco’) and i only like other weird people that can make me laugh.’. Really useful phrase (and how the f**k to you pronounce reir? im going for the english rear and hope for the best).

Tonight is the big Scrabble show down. This is Jasons bag he had to schlepp across town. Im a massive fail since i havent written anything on that fantasy book. And i will lose. Oh well, beers help everything.

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