The big scrabble show down

Yesterday it was finally time for the big scrabble show down. Jason had brought the scrabble, I had read some books with big words, there was a lot of taunting during the day on who would win and finally we were ready to go.

We went to a very nice pub called the Glasshouse, bought a cider and set up the board. Then followed 2 hours of intense concentration. Until we’ve finished our first 2 ciders. Then less concentration and more trying to focus the eyes on the tiny letters on the board.

It was nerve wrecking. I scored some good ones in the beginning but then it went down hill (maybe correlating to the alcoholic intake). I did however get the best word on the board. Trilogy. Boojah. (I also tried to get feets in there having been overly used here on the blog but wouldnt fly)

Once we were done Jason tallied up the score…

He won (bastard – wish i could say he cheated but he didnt. Even if I did let gob slide) with 259 to my 250. That meant no fantasy chapter for me. Good game though. Next time i wont be drinking so i can keep the eye on the ball.

Trying to live with this crushing defeat i headed home to mini dog hoping for some cuddles not having seen him for 2 weeks. He gave me a dirty look and refused to even get close. I was most definite in the dog house. I tried to bribe him with treats. He ate them and then hated on me a bit more.

At least I could feel happy about my new book Jason gave me. After discovering our joint love for anime he talked about this one and yesterday he brought it for me. Its about a robot dog, robot cat and robot rabbit. I mean really, how epic is that!?

Woolly momentarily forgot he hated me. Then he woke up and remembered again. It will take some time to get the love of this little hound back. Too bad im leaving again in 3 days…

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