Heading for the desert life

Ok, serious count down now. Only 2 more days before im up, up and away. Started packing yesterday and Oh. My. Gawd I have a lot of shit to fit into that bag. And none if it is actually even remotely close to normal clothes. There is at least one too many pairs of leggings and its not common practice to fly with 3 pair of fancy dress hats and 6 pairs of sunglasses.

But the bulk of the bag is my 250 glow sticks, 50 glow stick glasses and 10 cat ears. And yes, its essential. To make packing a bit more fun I ran around the flat with a pair of the glasses on last night. Almost as good as Sanna and me drinking 2 bottles of booze for The Big London Pack.

Packing done and at least 20 vacuum packed bags of clothes later (there is still some things to fit in but im not sure how so im ignoring it until last minte i decided to start reading my dogbot book from Jason. Absolutely brilliant. So sweet and horrible and amazing. I almost teared up there for a bit.

Look at this cool hound. Epic drawings. I now owe Jason my favourite fantasy book. Hard that. Do i go old school or any of my new favourites. Will keep you all updated on this riveting story.

When eventually going to bed these little bastard kept throwing an eerie glow and reminding me what life will be like in a couple of days. Yes but no but yes.

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