Hanging with the OAPs

The reason W felt the need to steal my phone and send a SOS signal to his daddy was me being out and getting drunk again on Saturday. After realising it was Tommy bday Saturday my quiet weekend turned…less quiet.

Friday i was home with Woolla but on Sat i took a long walk in the morning and then parked my ass in the pub with Jason for a scrabble re run. I lost. Again.

Went to havelock and got myself a cider in anticipation for all that scarbble that was about to go down.

Jason was just back from Brazil and entertained me with stories about having his card not working and selling his body and the liver on the black market. I think that is what distracted me. He also gave me such a sweet gift in form of a hippie note book to write my future book in.

One day…

After losing I brought Jason to meet with Tommy, Danny and Jon. I bet he regretted that. Danny was on good form and kept telling poo stories (!!), Jon was almost passing out from being too drunk and Tom was, well, Tom. 
I bought a couple of jagerbombs to get them going and almost had my number bartered to the barman for free drinks before i could stop Danny.

Then i treated Tommy to an awesome bday dinner – a subway sitting on the pavement in an alley. True Cissi and Tommy style. We do have a habit of eating night food on the street. Who cares Tommy is turning 35 and should know better.

We were racing Danny hhim taking the tube instead of uber like us. Even if we had dinner, couldnt get a cab, were faffing around we won. Danny got stuck on the way, tried to nick a sandwich, got caught and then decided to ‘borrow’ a road sign because ‘i just needed to steal something’.

One happy lad proving he is NOT an OAP (old age pensioner)

Tommy just wanted to go to bed and I just wanted to have an after party. I won.

Danny and me danced to power ballads to 4 in the morning while Tommy laid on the sofa looking simultaneously pained and like it was the best thing ever. Happy bday Tommy – what better way to celebrate than watching your brother and friend make fools of themselves.

On Sunday morning I felt like shit but took a somewhat happy selfie and sent to sister before getting my ass together and heading to Hyde Park for a walk with Dan. After talking boys, boys, boys we went for a lunch in a pub and got joined by Alex visiting from Sweden.

Around 7 I could finally slump down on the sofa and consider this day done with. W and me had some serious candy and crisp time before closing the chapter on this weekend.

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