Baby boom

So, a year or so ago it was all about meeting the new dogs in the London dog massive, now its all about the babies. Good thing I love babies. Bad thing i kind of want to steal them and run very, very far, change my name and maybe even dye my hair.

But. Im. Fighting. That. Impulse

Met Laura and Sebs little angel girl Marina yesterday. 2 weeks and the most amazing hair ever. Jealous (of the hair. (ok, maybe a little bit of the baby too)).

Then i came home to my flat I share with my cuz and realised the plummer killed our hot water.

Me vs adult life 0-1

My app on my phone informs me its 93 days to Christmas. Count down has begun. Everyone knows the only reason to live through rainy fall in London is Christmas, and maybe that awesome weekend that is Halloween. Thinking about Christmas had me thinking about NYE…which led me to…WHO THE FUCK am i going to celebrate NYE with (hyperventilating until realising that im a hippie and thinks it will all work out).

Yeah, anyway. Happy sunny wednesday to you all. I have filled my qouta of babies for the week so hopefully a drink tonight.

Tusen bitar

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